What’s Inside Our “Going Out” Bags

I’m always curious to see what’s inside other people’s bags. It’s like a little glimpse into their own secret worlds, and it can really tell you a lot about the person. The trend on our site this week is Midsummer Night’s Dream, and it’s all about beautiful flowy dresses — perfect for wearing on the warm summer nights that are upon us. To go along with this trend, I thought it would be fun to feature a few FP girls and show you what’s inside our “going out” bags – the fun little things we always carry with us for a night spent out with friends, dancing the night away under the stars.

Above is what’s inside my bag (pictured: Shiloh Leather Backpack) when I go out at night. I always like using a backpack because once I throw it on my back, I forget it’s there – and my hands are totally free! That colorful little coin purse was an adorable gift my friend got me in Mexico. It’s just the right size to fit my ID, credit card, and some cash! I like to carry a little notebook to write down funny quotes that I don’t want to forget. I usually carry one of these 2 perfumes – this I got at a perfumery in France, and this is my newest acquisition. I love both scents so much, and I love that the bottles are small enough to come with me everywhere. I always wear a swipe of red lipstick when I go out. It doesn’t feel like a night out without it! This mascara is my favorite and this trial size is perfect for tossing into my bag. I like to bring along body balm to stay moisturized, some pomade to keep my hair in check, and a little pocket mirror in case I want to sneak a look at the attractive boy behind me. It’s always fun to carry around some photos – this particular one was from Coachella this year. And finally, almonds! Nuts give the perfect boost of energy if you’re dancing into the night with no food in sight. :)

FP Jemma’s bag:

In My Bag - Free People Girls

“I always carry with me things that make me smile, like my monoi body oil and some good loose leaf tea from Kusmi. Inside my bag is pretty simple: a hair brush to tame my hair, Hand Sanz because my hands get a little grubby and an Emergen-C for energy when I need a little extra help. My purse holds all my money and some beloved photos of my family and my lotus token is always attached to my keys because I always like to go to yoga class whenever I can. Those are the simple must-haves inside my bag.”

(Pictured: Mystic Stone Crossbody)

FP Jana’s bag:

In My Bag - Free People Girls

“I pretty much always carry the same things with me wherever I go. I’m always listening to music, so headphones are essential. I like to carry a journal, too. It comes in handy when I need to jot something down or have a spare moment to doodle. As for my keychain, it’s pretty ridiculous right now. I definitely have keys on there that I haven’t used in years, but it makes for a nice ‘jangle’ whenever I’m carrying them. Finally, I’ve been holding on to this little batch of stickers ever since my best friend from college sent them to me in the mail. It’s a collection of some of my favorite pictures that our group of friends took together over the course of our 4 years at FSU. These little pics always make me smile!”

(Pictured: Dreamweaver Crossbody)

Our intimates merchandiser’s bag:

In My Bag - Free People Girls

“During the week  I usually tote around a backpack that by Friday is full of Monday’s grocery store receipts, Tuesday’s rings, the apple I didn’t eat on Wednesday and a mystery pair of clean socks…you get it — out of control. So when I go out I like to pair down to a smaller bag and the bare essentials! I swap out my wallet for a tiny All Saints coin purse with my ID, credit card and a couple bobby pins — handy for the current daunting experience of growing out my bangs! My bike & house keys (‘MURICA! themed) recently got an upgrade with this serious hardware keychain, making them (almost) impossible to lose. I keep a little jar of Rosebud Salve in every purse I own — it is the perfect do-it-all fixer. A pair of sunnies and a charger are crucial for the nights that turn into early mornings. I keep my phone (which is frequently dropped and left on conference tables by day) in a clearly identifiable (and mostly indestructible) case. And last, but certainly not least, a quartz crystal for good vibes and positive energy!”

(Pictured: Pacaya Crossbody, Stone Rubber iPhone Case)

Our creative assistant’s bag:

In My Bag - Free People Girls

“I’m a hoarder of small things. Some of my poor tiny objects live in my bag for months at a time — like my Rosebud Lip Salve, which is the best lip product in the whole universe. It smells and feels like angel kisses! I stash men’s deodorant with me in case of emergencies (let’s be honest, it gets the job done way better than women’s deodorant). I acquired my little pink notebook for 1 euro when I studied abroad in Italy — it weighs almost nothing and is perfect for doodles and lists. My ancient 120GB iPod is another trusty friend of mine, and I’ve been carrying my good ol’ Free People coin purse around for ages — it has been a faithful lil’ wallet to me, but it’s seen better days…and then I always shove one or two rolls of 35mm film in my bag in hopes of capturing unexpected moments with my Minolta film camera!”

(Pictured: Jericho Backpack)

Which of these looks most like your going out bag?

More inspiration from BLDG 25.

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9 years ago

FP Brigette – I have that same perfume that I also got at Fragonard in Eze, France! I love it and it’s a great souvenir.

9 years ago

Where is that last bag from? It’s Devine!

9 years ago

almonds! I’ve usually have almonds in my bag too. So good!

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9 years ago

Love all of the bags! Where are they all from??

9 years ago

I love the idea of the hardware keychain! Great post!

9 years ago

mine is super minimal, just lipstick, a tiny little lipstick mirror, oyster card, credit and debit card, bit of cash and my house keys.

Although I do keep heels in a canvas tote and change into them when i arrive, then the canvas tote carries my coat, scarf, spare shoes and someone else’s coat too so you save money at the cloakroom!

Some nights I could definitely do with carrying a pair of clean knickers, sunglasses, a charger and a pair of leggings for when I have to go home with the lunchtime crowd the following day!

9 years ago

The tocca perfume, the Florence I have too. I got at Anthropologie! :)

9 years ago

Interesting to see what’s in. I think I’ve more stuff in mine… I carry so many useless things!

9 years ago

Aw love that our Pacaya crossbody is featured here! Thanks girls xooxoxo