Behind The Scenes Of Roshambo:Rock!

We all have a serious case of wanderlust for Brazil right now.  Sun-soaked beaches, warm tropical air, and lush greenery are calling to us… and this behind the scenes video and photos from our May catalog shoot are only adding to my daydreams. It looks like our catalog team had an absolute blast shooting this book and short film! I always love seeing a glimpse behind the scenes and we’re very lucky because this month we have an awesome behind the scenes video! Watch it below followed by some gorgeous photos – and if you haven’t seen it yet, watch Roshambo: Rock).

Shop the May collection.

rio brazil beach girl taking photo

rio brazil beach

rio brazil beach crowd

rio beach girl drinking out of coconut

rio brazil beach wave

michele ouellet britt maren

rio brazil street scene

rio brazil

britt maren michele ouellet

rio brazil christ the redeemer

dusk rio brazil beach

dusm rio brazil beach



night swimming rio brazil

britt maren sheila marquez michele ouellet in bed

rio brazil at night

Photos by Thomas Northcut.

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9 years ago

Looks amazing! Could you tell us the name of the artist/song in the video? It’s so upbeat and summery – I dig it :)

9 years ago

This is amazing!! I want to go to Brazil!!

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

Laura Ruch
9 years ago

The band is NOMO from Ann Arbor

9 years ago

Amazing! It looks like you all had so much fun!

9 years ago

I would do anything to be in Brazil!! Wow!

9 years ago

I’am brazilian! Whoopee!

9 years ago

Honestly this shorts movie of Roshambo are like… magic. It had a magical effect on me, like if it changed my vision of future, of my work in fashion… changed my life actually !
It really what I want to do : i want to draw, to create clothes which inspired a feeling, like this videos. Clothes which are making a difference, put an atmosphere.

Thank you so much for this videos !

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