Decor DIY: Painted Glass Bottles

I’ve been accumulating a lot of glass bottles lately…I always tend to pick them up at flea markets or if I come across one in a store. I love the way plain glass bottles look, but I decided I wanted to give my apartment a pop of color by coating the inside of some of the bottles with paint and creating a little display. This is such an easy project and the results are beautiful!

glass bottles

What you need: glass bottles of varying shapes/sizes, and acrylic paint.

acrylic paint

I chose a range of blue, green, and yellow shades. I wanted the bottles to be different colors but very similar shades. I decided on green as my base color and mixed in blue and yellow to get different green tones.

paint in glass bottle

All you do is pour the paint inside the bottles, and tilt them to move the paint around until the entire inside is covered. It’s actually pretty relaxing :).

painted mason jar

painted glass bottles

Let your bottles dry (mine took a few hours to fully dry), and then you can decorate with them as you wish!

painted glass bottles

I mixed in some clear bottles with my painted ones, and I love the way it looks!

flowers in painted glass bottles

flowers in painted glass bottles

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10 years ago

Hi people of free people!!
I desperately need your help! My best friend is graduating music school in a few days and I have no idea what to give her, so I thought maybe you could help me to figure something out!
She is a singer and some of her music idols are Paolo Nutini, the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Joss Stone, Ella fitzgerald, First Aid Kit, Fleet Foxes, toto and the list goes on.
At first I wanted to give her something that could inspire her to write her own music and I found your DIY note book
Since you are such creative people I thought you could give me some inspiration.

Lots of Love, Anna :)

10 years ago

I always end up with so many glass jars and bottles over time, and I’ve been looking for something just like this to use them for :D Thanks!!

10 years ago

do you put a ton of paint inside the bottles?

10 years ago

Looks cool!

April, you can also leave the labels on and just fill them with spring blossom like I did here:

But I may also try this DIY with a translucent paint so the light shines through. Thanks for sharing this, guys.

10 years ago

check out my DIY on flowered head pieces/crowns, I know free people sells them but I have created a home-made one with affordable materials :)

10 years ago

very nice pictures of your bottles! i also love to paint and give a new life to bottles and you are all kindly invited to my blog!

10 years ago

I am definitely trying this right now! all the pretty shaped jars i find at the beach, the possibilities are endless, i love it! Thanks for the idea and tutorial!

10 years ago

I tried this and it looks great.

10 years ago

This is great. I make glass vases covered in rope. The glue from the glue gun shows through. I’m using this technique to finish them off. Thank you.

10 years ago

The paint in mine never dried, and all of the paint dripped down to the bottom, and it just looks like crap now. Did I do something wrong?

10 years ago

Thank you for sharing this – it is so helpful and informative. I recently started painting and decorating can tins and decided to have a go at painting glass. I can’t wait to get started.

10 years ago

Sorry – I misspelt my surname. This is the correct way.

9 years ago

If u fill the vase with water will the paint come off?

9 years ago

SO pretty. I tried this in a modern/abstract version and now am obsessed. They’re just so easy (and cheap!) You can check out my painted jars here:

9 years ago

Can you put water and flowers in them after they are painted? Will it wash off? Will it kill the flowers?

9 years ago

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Asraa Zoubidi

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8 years ago

same problem as another person. used acrylic paint, all the paint dripped to bottom and never dried. what did I do wrong?

susan mcnamara
8 years ago

I also had the same problem as Debbie from the May 7 post…. Can someone please let us know what went wrong with ours

6 years ago

Thanks for giving this tips.

5 years ago

Creative blog among all blogs I have ever read, No doubt the article is very interesting for us.