Diary Of A Wellness Retreat, Part One: Let’s Do This!

I just returned from a weekend long yoga retreat at Sagrada Wellness in California. Words can not fully express how incredible and enlightening this weekend was, but throughout the week I’ll share my daily diary from the experience. The retreat, run by an amazing couple named Scott and Eva, took place on their ranch just outside of Santa Margarita, California – a historic piece of land off the central coast. It has the look and feel of an old cowboy ranch, with western decor sprinkled throughout. An instant calm washed over me when I walked through its iron gate. My flight had been delayed so I missed the first yoga class. As I waited for it to end, I explored the house and land a bit before joining the meet-and-greet after the class. Our yoga instructor is Aaron Ogden – a warm, gentle being who instantly made me feel at ease. We sit in a circle and introduce ourselves, talking a little bit about what brought us here. It’s a small group – only 6 other people. I like it that way. It gives the retreat an intimacy and allows you to really form bonds with the other people and become a close knit group. Aaron tells us that the following night we’ll have a fire ceremony with a speaking stick – whoever holds the stick can speak and everyone else holds silence for them. If you choose not to speak, that’s fine too – you can sit in silence for as long as you need. He says we can bring something to throw in the fire, maybe something we want to release. A thought, a goal, or something we’re letting go of. My mind instantly starts to wander. What will I bring, what will I write down? Of all the thoughts running through my head, which are the most urgent? What is my body trying to tell me? These are the thoughts running through my mind as my tired head hits the pillow.

california coastline

The California coastline is breathtaking.

wellness retreat in california

western decor

western ranch decor




Wild animals roam the ranch freely – these two rabbits hang out by the hammocks.


wellness retreat decor

wellness retreat decor

retreat bedroom



The yoga studio is breathtaking – full of natural light with windows overlooking the mountains.

wellness retreat yoga studio

yoga mat and outfit

FP Movement Tie Dye Short, Y-Back Seamless Cami.

yoga studio decor

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!

Check out Sagrada’s website and Facebook page.

Photos by Julia.

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10 years ago

Love the idea of using the ladder as a plant shelf.


10 years ago

Posts like THIS are reasons why I absolutely freaking love the fp bloggers! I’m sitting here in my office in Texas soaking up all these little moments and details from Julia’s post and I am just so relaxed. It’s such a nice way to start my Monday morning while I sip on hot tea. I’m already looking forward to reading part 2 :)

10 years ago

Beautiful scene. I really love it!

10 years ago

What beautiful writing and images, Julia. It was so lovely to spend sacred time with you on this retreat. Thank you for your sincerity and grace. There is a space in each of our hearts that remains hidden until we unlock it with our honesty and allowance to surrender. Thank you for your willingness to Open. The fire ceremony remembers stillness in this One’s Heart Space. Hope to connect again as our paths cross once more! In Love, Aaron Ogden