DIY Feather Wall Hanging

As FP Brigette already mentioned in this post, she and I, along with one of our other really good friends, have been in the process of moving into a new house together. I’ve had a lot of fun during this move because it’s given me the opportunity to decorate a new space. Every time I move someplace new, I seem to always bring the same bedding and décor along with me, but this time I really wanted to change it up. This is the first time I’ve actually put a lot of thought into how I want to create my space and I’m really happy with the results so far. My most recent addition has been this DIY feather wall hanging I made over the weekend. For the quality and scale of this piece, I was amazed at how little money I had to spend in order to create it.


What You Need:

Piece of driftwood or a branch
Nails (I used two, but depending on the size of your driftwood or branch, you may need a few more to support it)


First, I held up my piece of driftwood to the wall and marked where I needed to place the nails in order to support it.



Hammer the nails in half way so that there is enough sticking out of the wall to create a ledge for the driftwood.


Next, I cut off pieces of twine and tied them around the driftwood. Depending on your wall size and how much space you want your wall hanging to take up, you can cut your twine as long or short as you like.



I had 8 feathers, so I tied off 8 pieces of twine.


I made my pieces pretty long to start out. You can always go back and cut them shorter if you find that they are too long.


Next, I chose one of my feathers and wrapped the end with one of the hanging pieces of twine.


Tie a knot to secure it.


Continue wrapping your feathers and tying them off. I decided to make my strands all different lengths and used a combination of short and long feathers. I like the unevenness it created. These feathers were purchased over the weekend at flea market for $10 a bundle, but you can also buy them pretty cheap at craft stores.


Voila! Instant and easy decor. After I priced everything out, I only spent $15.00 in order to create this wall hanging. The only things I had to purchase were the feathers, twine and nails!

Photos by Jana

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10 years ago

beautiful idea!! :)


10 years ago

Great Idea! I love it.
Where can i get feathers like this?

xo Sophie

10 years ago

Love this DIY, I could see the simple process adapting to variations such as using beads or unique ribbon! I am going to have to try this! Such a fun addition to a rooms decor.

Halfway to Harmony

10 years ago

Here is the one I made!

❤ this idea!

10 years ago

Here is the one I made!

❤ This idea!

10 years ago

Baby girl, not to seem rude, but those look like screws. I wouldn’t say anything but hammering screws into drywall can split your walls! Be careful if you’re hanging lots of stuff!

10 years ago

Beautiful Jan! You’re room is so dreamy.

9 years ago

So pretty ! I almost did the same :)