DIY Hanging Crochet Plant Holder

It’s clear that summertime is on its way, so it’s definitely time to deck out your living space with elements that feel summery. I always love decorating with plants because of their ability to bring an earthy, lively feeling into the home. Today I have a DIY that incorporates plants, crochet, and friendship bracelets (kind of). What could be better? Here’s how to make a hanging crochet plant holder.

What you need:

Hanging crochet plant holder materials

A crochet doily
A metal key ring (optional)
Twine or embroidery floss in colors of your choice
A plant holder (can be ceramic, glass, whatever you like!)
A plant and potting soil to fill the holder

Your plant holder and doily can be any size you like – just be sure that the doily is large/strong enough to support your plant and plant holder.

Random tip: If your doily is white and you’d prefer it to have more of an oatmeal color like the one above, soak it in pure coffee for about a minute, ring it out, and hang it to dry! That’s exactly what I did with the one you see above. It was too stark and clean for my liking, and now it has more of an antique feel.

What you do:

First, create four friendship-bracelet-esque strands using embroidery floss or twine. These can be whatever length you choose. You can use any method of friendship-bracelet-making, just be sure that the finished strands will be thick enough to support your plant!

I used the spiral knot technique for my strands. I gathered 4 colors of embroidery floss (2-5 pieces each), tied the ends in a knot, and taped the knot to the top of a table. (Tip: the more pieces you have of each color, the thicker your strand will be, and the faster it will be to make!) Start by gathering all the pieces of one particular color. Make a loop on the left side, crossing to the right by going over the top of the thread.

Spiral knot, embroidery floss

Pull the end through the middle to make a knot. Continue to do this – your knots will begin to form a spiral line down the thread. Switch to another color whenever you like. Continue until your strand is as long as you’d like it to be.

Embroidery floss, spiral knot

Friendship bracelet knot

Do this 3 more times, for a total of 4 strands! I varied the colors and thicknesses of each strand I created. For one I mixed twine and white embroidery floss – I really like the way this one stands out from the other 3.

Friendship bracelets

Pot your plant and place the pot in the middle of your crochet doily. Figure out how much of the doily you will need to pinch in order for it to fit securely around the pot (you may not need to pinch any at all). You should distribute the slack in 4 different spots – one for each strand. Thread one of your strands through one segment of the doily and secure with a few knots.

Embroidery floss, doily

Do this with each of your strands.

DIY hanging crochet plant holder

If you’re using a metal ring, tie each strand to the ring now. If you decide to forego a metal ring, bring all 4 strands together at the top and fold them over, forming a loop.

How to make a hanging crochet plant holder

Tie a piece of twine at the bottom of the loop and wrap around all 4 strands, securing with a knot at the bottom, and you’re all set!

Embroidery floss

I love the way this plant hanger looks inside the home amidst other décor – and I love it just as much hanging from a tree outside! It would look incredible to create a bunch of these and hang them all on different tree branches for an outdoor party. The perfect decoration for summer!

DIY hanging crochet plant holder on white wall

Photos by Brigette and Jana.

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8 years ago

What a cute idea. I am a HUGE fan of a succulent because they are hard to kill. :)

Giveaway today!

8 years ago

I think one of these would look great holding some Rhipsalis– never mind what I did to my cactus yesterday, I think it will survive a soapy bath.

I bought a roll of jute twine yesterday, just felt compelled to buy some. I haven’t a doily, but I can crochet one of twine and go from there. Thanks for the tutorial.

8 years ago

I would like to create a better life and more beautiful life style. I learn from it and get so much!

8 years ago

Just a little correction the doily is crochet the hanging part is called macramé so technically these are macramé plant holders ….love the idea so cute

8 years ago

Looking at the doily, I would never have guessed that the elegant colour is achieved naturally – using pure coffee! What a wonderful tip! Have you ever used tea?

8 years ago

I guess the doily needs to be sturdy and strong to hold the weight of the plant especially after it is watered. I used to make friendship bracelets when I was a kid, decades ago, now I’ve completely forgotten how to go about doing it. Luckily, there are plenty of tutorials everywhere! :D

8 years ago

I absolutely loved this post and just finished my first one for my mom’s birthday tomorrow! It is sooo cute:)) thank you sooo much!!

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