Ask The Experts: 5 Favorite Gardening Tools

To me, there’s no feeling more relaxing than being submerged in a lush garden on a beautiful day, totally surrounded by the sweet sights, smells, and sounds of nature. I’ve always been interested in gardening, but I’ve just never had any idea where to start. I realize that I can’t be the only one experiencing this little dilemma, so I went to our good friends at Terrain for a bit of advice. Today, Chris — one of Terrain’s garden tool experts – is sharing with us his five favorite garden tools. Gardening newbies, listen up!

Garden Tool Illustration

DeWit Tulip Trowel

This gorgeous trowel is handmade in Holland by a family company that’s been around for 100 years! Its hand-sharpened blade is perfect for slicing through roots. Chris’s favorite part about it: “It’s so feminine and beautiful to simply leave laying out around the garden shed and in your garden. Aesthetically this is a BEAUTIFUL piece.

Garden tool illustration

DeWit 5-Tine Cultivator

This is made by the same family company as the Tulip Trowel, so it too is handmade in Holland. Here’s why Chris loves it: “You NEVER see a hand cultivator with 5 tines — they usually have only 3. This REALLY turns up dirt with less effort and really aerates the earth fantastically. I love this thing… and own one myself. It’s a totally unique design!”

Garden tool illustration

ARS All-Purpose Pruner

One of Chris’s favorite parts about these pruners: the steel. “It’s high-carbon-chrome plated. No one does steel Like the Japanese — it’s the reason all chefs seek out Japanese knives. The high carbon count makes the steel harder than any other steel which in turn makes for a sharper cutting edge.  Harder steel also means they stay sharper longer. The chrome plating then makes this all very rust resistant.”

Aside from the steel, the beautiful color makes these pruners easy to find in the garden! They’re also lightweight and smaller in size, making them perfect for those of us with little hands. Lastly, the blade has a natural curve, which keeps these babies in place while getting the job done.

Garden tool illustration

ARS Long Blade Shears

As with the pruners, these shears are made with high-carbon-chrome-plated steel, so they’ll stay sharper longer and resist rust. The blade on these shears is longer than any other pruning blade Chris has seen on the market. It has an amazing “reach” and is perfect for thing stems, leaves, and grasses – especially for cut flower arrangements! Chris personally owns a pair of these, and leaves us with these words of wisdom: “If you own a vase and you put flowers in it… you need a pair of these.”

Garden tool illustration

ARS Garden Scissors

These scissors are awesome because they can be used around the house, as well! Ways Chris uses them? “For snipping herbs and flowers, small plants, flower stems, tape, string, and even electric wire. They also sharply cut paper, wallpaper, carpet, felt, webbing, food, plastic, food packs, tin sheet, and much, much more.”

The color is beautiful, and guess what else – they’re ambidextrous! Whether you’re a righty or a lefty, these guys will help you get the job done.


These five tools are great choices if you’re wanting to start building your collection. A huge thank you to Chris from Terrain for sharing his expert input, and to our graphic design team for these beautiful illustrations! What would you guys add to this list?

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9 years ago

My mom swears by her steak knife. ;)
She uses this in the garden all of the time!

9 years ago

I like planting flowers! The life is magic and I will cherish each of my flower!

8 years ago

I find the trowel such an important tool. It really is effective and once you get one, you’ll find yourself using it endlessly. And as Chris has said, it’s actually aesthetically pleasing so you can leave it out should you want to be lazy or forget, and it looks totally acceptable.

8 years ago

cut it out May, seriously

8 years ago

I have find most important tools in your blog. It is really very nice and helpful to to get more knowledge about garden tools.

8 years ago

Hello fp brigette,
Thank you for sharing this most valuable information with us. I am getting a great interest from it. This description will help me a lot to do perfect gardening.

8 years ago

Nice, Fun article. Hey have you tried these?

8 years ago

Such a nice article! I love the simplicity of the drawings. Really suits the article!