Healthy Juice Recipes: Carrot & Ginger Juice

The third post in our series for May, healthy juice recipes from Kelsi Windmiller!

The next juice recipe I would like to share is for carrot ginger juice. It is extremely simple but completely delicious. Quality ingredients are key to creating good juices, so try to find local carrots and organic oranges for this recipe. It will make a huge difference! The carrot juice will give you a large dose of beta-carotene that will help boost your immune system as well as promote healthy eyes and skin. Ginger is very potent and has been known to boost energy, aid digestion, and reduce fat accumulation, making it a great addition for a juice cleanse. See what kinds of oranges you can find at your local market. I recommend adding a blood orange to this recipe. They make the juice naturally sweet and add vitamin C.


Carrot Ginger Juice

1 Bunch Carrots

4 Oranges (Navel, Valencia, Blood, etc.)

1 Ginger Root (about the size of your palm)


Start by rinsing the dirt off the carrots — they do not need to be peeled. Remove the green tops and if you need to, cut them to fit through your juicer. Using a serrated knife, cut all of the rind off the oranges and separate to fit though the juicer. Break or cut apart the ginger. Run all of your ingredients through the juicer and mix. If you find the juice is too spicy from the ginger try adding another orange or water to dilute it. Otherwise, enjoy your fresh homemade juice!


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  1. I made some of carrot-ginger juice, it turn out very good. :) its great to chase the cold away….. Thank you

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