Interview With Michele Ouellet: Lorenza Wine & BottleRock

Model and Free People friend Michele Ouellet is not only strikingly charismatic but she also produces her own wine — Lorenza — with her mom, that comes straight from the beautiful vineyards in Napa Valley, CA. Michele is heading to BottleRock music festival with us next week, where she will be co-hosting a Free People tent. We are excited to bring together music, fashion, great wine, and crafty DIYs for Napa Valley’s very first music festival. We caught up with Michele to find out more about her glorious wine Lorenza (which is her middle name).

Lorenza Wine

Tell us a little about Lorenza Rose.
Lorenza Rosé is a brand my mom Melinda Kearney and I started together. This year we celebrate our fifth vintage of dry, true rosé made by old vines.

Are you very hands-on in the making process?
Yes! Each year we dial in the details starting in the vineyards with fruit maturity, then moving onto harvest, blend percentages and our marketing.

We love how fashionable the label is. How did this decision come about?

We’ve loved collaborating with great artists, photographers and visionaries on each of our labels. This year we unveil a sophisticated evolution that we think we might keep for a while!
Lorenza Wine


Being a model, has your wine made its appearance at any great fashion parties? It must be fun to bring the two worlds together.

We love being able to support some of our favorite fashion friends like Michael Kors, photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank, Rebecca Minkoff and Libertine. Next week we party down with Free People for the BottleRock music festival in Napa!

Michele Ouellet

Are you excited for BottleRock?
I’m JAZZED to the MOON!! We are co-hosting a Lorenza-Free-People tent where everyone needs to come by for some rosé sipping and FP fun!

And lastly, this might be an odd question but how does Lorenza make you feel?
Sipping Lorenza instantly transports me to a sunny day, music playing, pool party happening, best friends all around!! I drink rosé all year, so summer is always in my glass!

Lead photo from Michele’s Instagram Kissser, top photo by Garance Dore , last photo Michele in an old Free People lookbook.

Lorenza Wine , BottleRock Festival , Michele Ouellet

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7 years ago

It is so awesome that she does this with her mother!! I love it, so inspiring!!

Maribeth Pardi
7 years ago

Hi Michéle
WOW !! do you every resemble your Aunt Sharon Oulett in this picture and of course your dad. Although I have not seen you and I am sure you most probably do not remember me (your dad’s cousin) Maribeth…. I happened to stumble on this picture and site and think its beautiful and your parents must be so proud of you. If you every plan a trip to Montreal and need a place to stay…you are most welcome and you too have second cousins here in good old Montreal, Chad (26) Mandy (25) Brandon (25) Kaylie (21) Brittany (19) and Rayana (16)…. anyhow it was good sending you this message and please say hi to your mom and dad for me…
take care