A Mother’s Day Shoot With Our Free People Moms

Happy Mother’s Day! Here at Free People we are endlessly inspired by our moms – and we also have some amazing moms who work here! We visited the homes of four of our inspiring Free People moms and had the pleasure of photographing them with their beautiful children. Read on to see the photos and get some fun facts about these wonderful women and their kids!

Ana, Managing Director of Design & Image

mother's day free people

My kids crack me up every day, I love the joy they bring to my life. We love doing yoga as a family. Benji is already a second series ashtangi at 13 and Frida is a little old lady trapped in a 6-year-old body. She was also the muse for Wee People!

little girl meditating

mother doing yoga with kids

mother doing yoga with kids

mother doing yoga with kids

Doub, Creative Director

mother and son with bulldog

One of my favorite things about being a mom is experiencing the joy that Asa’s smiles and laughter bring to me every day. The Love I feel for Asa is like no other love I have ever felt – it is both overwhelming and wonderful. Now at 14 months Asa loves to dance and if I say “dancey dancey” he does this kind of Jesco White jig!

mother holding son in rocking chair

mother and son smiling

mother and son with bulldog

mother holding son

mother holding son

mother and son playing

Kristal, Design Director

mother with daughters and goat

My favorite thing about being a mom is the innate intimacy and pure love I have with my daughters. The complete openness and purity of the relationship is indescribable for me. Adele is planning on coming back in her next life as a mermaid. Olympia has tried on many occasions to fly. Her middle name is Byrdie and she truly thinks she might take off one day.

mother with daughters wearing masks

mother with daughters

mother kissing daughter

little girl holding chicken

little girl holding chicken

mother walking with daughters

Heather, Email Marketing Manager

mother kissing daughter

I love watching her grow and change and seeing her little personality develop. Her excitement about the world makes everything seem fresh and new! Marlo loves to go to the grocery store, and if she really likes you, she’ll put her foot on you!

mother carrying daughter

mother with daughter and dog

mother holding little girls hand

mother lifting daughter over head

mother holding daughter

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


Free People

Photos by Julia, Jemma & our Vintage Loves Photographer.

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lovely photos- thanks for sharing & have a wonderful Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s at FP! <3

Beautiful work. Beautiful mom’s.

Bárbara S.

Thank you for this substantive post. How cute are Marlo’s baby cheeks? ;)

uh this seriously makes me want to cry, all of my favorite people are making my favorite children too.

This is just adorable.



Ahhh what amazing mothers and children. Marlo…. you are one CUTE BABY! OH MY!


So cute !