Movie Anticipation: The Great Gatsby

This week The Great Gatsby launched in the cinemas – a much awaited film by many who were dying to see F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel come to life. With the wild visionary Baz Luhrmann as the director it was obvious to many that this was going to be a something to look forward to.

The costumes, the art deco, the scenery, everything about the 1920’s comes to life in this movie, an era of losing morals and chasing dreams. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jay Gatsby – a party-giving millionaire – and Toby Maguire plays Nick Carraway as he leaves the Midwest to live in New York. The movie is full of impossible love, incorruptible dreams and tragedy – just like the novel. Next week we’ll be heading to see the movie, so stay tuned for a review and other inspirational posts.

the great gatsby

the great gatsby

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10 years ago

I saw this movie last Friday and I was just blown away. It was awesome. I was actually a little nervous to go see it, because sometimes Baz Luhrman can get a little crazy with the sped-up scenes and stuff, but he really toned it down. It was a pleasent surprise.

10 years ago

I had a problem with them recollecting the story from the pov of Nick Carraway in a Sanitarium for being “Morbidly Alcoholic.” Although, Fitzgerald clearly says in his book (and they state in the movie) that Nick had only ever been drunk two nights in his life. Other than that they stay pretty much true to the book. Except several minor scenes (i.e. Jordan Bakers nasty phone call…) and the music… I have a hard time incorporating rap in the 1920s… It’s hard to picture Jay Z and Charlie Chaplin together.

10 years ago

I saw it the other day and wanted to like it, but there were definitely things I found fault with. I wanted to go along with the modern music used in the film but it was just a little too weird and distracting in a bad way for me. Leonardo DiCaprio is great in his role but none of the characters seem to have much depth or nuance to them. I would recommend it to others to see because of the visuals (costumes and sets) and because of Leo’s performance but I would of liked to see what another director could have done with it.

10 years ago

Baz Luhrman has a knack for interpreting dreams… by that, I mean the waking dream you enter when reading a book, any book. The dream always looks, feels, plays out differently for each story, and for me, the Great Gatsby was a haunting, tragic, romantic revelation of a dream. Luhrman’s ability to take the heart of the roar from the twenties and send it pumping straight into the present, without sacrificing it’s nature as a period piece, is astounding. I, too, was unsure of the music going in, but it played on my subconscious, rather than feeling farcical. The actors nailed it – a little over the top is appropriate in a Luhrman film, as is an injection of concentrated personality. Over all, I was and am damn impressed.

10 years ago

I loved Romeo and Juliet and even more Moulin Rouge so I knew I would love this movie, and INDEED. Of course it is not the book. But I just admire the colors, the costumes, the music, the main swag in that movie is just awesome. It was an amazing cinematographic experience!

Olive xox

10 years ago

Normally, being an old-time musician, modern music in an antiquated film irks me- but with this film, not only did I get the use but I found it incredibly appropriate. Rap is the direct descendant of blues & jazz- I find Rap reminds me of real old pre-war jazz more than any other modern form. Did any one else get this, that the director was blending the modern musical evolution with it’s past? Even the fancy automobiles, gorgeous women, sparkling diamonds- not unlike some modern rap music videos….

Jessica Kelsey Meg
10 years ago

This movie surpassed any expectation we ever had for the Great Gatsby! By far our favorite movie of the summer possibly our entire lifes!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

10 years ago

I loved everything about this movie.

5 years ago

He is my fav hero and actor; I wish I am able to see him directly.