Office Style: Simple Silhouettes

For this week’s office style, it was all about simple silhouettes. With a mix of maxi skirts and maxi dresses, the girls created long and simple outfits using different color palettes.

Some chose a pastel look while others decided to go more neutral in their styling. I like how some of the outfits had a combination of different textures, like cutout black lace and green accordion pleats to give some surprise when looked at closely. Finishing off with boots and light jewelry, check out how our FP girls looked in this week’s office style.










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10 years ago

I absolutely adore maxi skirts and dresses.

10 years ago

Everyone looks so comfy, yet stylish!

10 years ago

I love it minus those heavy shoes though. I’d love to see all of that fit in with some summer footwear but overall i like it alot.

10 years ago

I love all of them. My ex always told me I was too short to wear maxi skirts, that it looked ridiculous. What crap! Now, I have about 5 maxis and people actually tell me I look TALLER if anything! I love my maxis. Tall, short, skinny, curvy – everyone can look great in a maxi.

10 years ago

Oddly enough, I wore an outfit today that could’ve totally fit in with these…It feels nice to be in sync with my favorite brand! *score*

10 years ago

What beautiful outfits… I really love the first photo, so comfy yet feminine. I definitely need add some maxi skirts and dresses to my wardrobe. I hope that first skirt is sold at Free People!!

Halfway to Harmony

10 years ago

OMG! Love every single one, the staff at free people never fail at looking amazing! I like all the outfits.