Sea Salt Spray for Hair

UPDATE: This post originally ran on May 23 2012, almost exactly a year ago! We still love this easy home remedy so much, we can’t wait to use it again this summer!

I always think my hair looks best after a day at the beach, when the sea salt and sun combine to create loose, carefree waves that just don’t happen anywhere else.  Sure, you can buy products to re-create the look, but you can also learn how to make sea salt spray to get beachy, wavy hair any time, any place. I did a little research online and tested out a few combinations before settling on the homemade sea salt spray below – it works like a charm and it also smells just like the beach!

What you need: an empty spray bottle, sea salt, coconut oil, a tiny bit of gel, measuring cup and teaspoon.

I used Himalayan Sea Salt, which is finely ground and contains a high amount of natural minerals, Nutiva Coconut Oil, and a dab of standard hair gel.

Fill the spray bottle with 1 cup (8 oz.) of water – use lukewarm water to help dissolve the salt and coconut oil.

Add one teaspoon of sea salt to the water.

Add about a half a teaspoon of coconut oil. When researching, I saw many types of homemade sea salt spray using different types of oil, the purpose of which is to help keep your hair from drying out from the sea salt. I chose coconut oil because of all the nutrients it contains – and also because it smells amazing!

Add a dab of hair gel (I used the amount pictured in photo above) – this is just for hold, so the waves stay in your hair.

Put the top on the spray bottle and shake thoroughly.

Spray it on damp or dry hair and scrunch the hair up towards your head to create waves.

Here’s my hair before and after!

Photos by Julia.

Try your hand at more DIY projects!

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11 years ago

Looove this! Thanks for sharing! <3

11 years ago

I’ve been waiting for this recipe! I love salt spray, it really helps out my natural wave. I was wondering how you mix the coconut oil back in to the spray.. I made a flax seed hair gel once, with coconut oil, and the oil re-solidified at room temp the next day. The coconut oil is good for wave definition though.
I make a salt spray with epsom salt, conditioner, and gel (natural organic brands) that enhanced my wave a lot, but I think I’ll try adding a little sea salt too, just to create a more beachy matte look :)

11 years ago

wooooow great great great post!!

DIY and more:

11 years ago

This is a wonderful idea for summer; I’m making it tonight since I have all the ingredients on-hand. Thanks so much!

11 years ago

i like to add lemon juice to mine to help bring out natural highlights!

11 years ago

Love it!

11 years ago

LOVE!!! Can’t wait to try it. Perfect for Mermaid hair!!

11 years ago

Your hair is pretty in the before but looks much healthier and exotic in the after picture, almost like you’re a Grecian goddess. I also agree with Brielle, it looks like mermaid hair. I love the pictures you took and the tutorial was very helpful, I can’t wait to try this on my hair!

11 years ago

Looks awesome! How long does this keep?

11 years ago

It looks amazing. Can’t wait to try

11 years ago

Oh hair that’s gotten all lovely by the sun and sea is about the only thing I’ll miss now that I have dreads, it sure looks great and has such a nice feel to it.

11 years ago

Yes! My hair is naturally wavy, but I would love to give the waves more definition. This is going on my to-do list. And I love coconut oil already, so that makes me even more excited to try this.

11 years ago

Does it feel like this damages your hair a lot? I know sea salt always makes my hair feel really dry, which I love because it gives it great texture, but if I’m in the ocean a lot it makes my ends split like crazy.

11 years ago

For how long can we keep the mixture?

11 years ago

How long is the mixture good for before I should make more?

11 years ago

I have coconut itself and I have coconut oil, and also I have only normal salt what I can do?

11 years ago

Can you use something besides coconut oil?

11 years ago

I put a little of my favorite perfume in it!
So badass.

11 years ago

this may be a dumb question, but do you use it on dry hair or towel dried??

11 years ago

I just used this, thanks for the guidence! I have really straight hair naturally so I did the method you stated but I diffused my hair (hairdryer) after to dry it. It worked really well!

11 years ago

I tried it today, didn’t work. My hair isn’t curly and is separated into different pieces/sections.

11 years ago

This did NOT work for my hair…i have very thin long-ish hair and it just didnt work…on to trying some different recipes!!

11 years ago

what can you use in place of coconut oil??