Sidewalk Safari: Mixing Prints

Our latest lookbook Sidewalk Safari, featuring the striking Aline Weber, translates a trend that’s daring and different. Having the confidence to clash prints is what this trend is all about, with touches of boy elements in denim and utility. We love the idea of print on print and then finishing the look with lots of jewelry: stacks of bracelets and a statement necklace. It’s a look that will definitely stand out in a crowd.

With prints that are inspired by African cultures and colors that are rustic and cool, there’s a lot of fun to be had with how you wear this trend. We’re pulling down our play-it-safe guards and going full force into this trend.

sidewalk safari

sidewalk safari

sidewalk safari

St Tropez Drop Waist Dress, Storm Tassel Kimono, Antalya Coin Necklace

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  1. You always make it look so easy!!! I always find mixing prints into my wardrobe to be the hardest thing… I love prints in my home and can mix them well but as clothing I feel like a crazy person when I mix them !

  2. One of the latest trends taking over is mixing prints. Nobody likes to be matchy-matchy, but fashion is now taking a new approach…Mixing prints in fashion can be very intimidating.

  3. Thanks Victoria! we have updated the link to the correct item, the product wasnt available at the time the post was posted so we had to put something similar

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