Trend Alert: Get Sneakered

UPDATE: This post previously ran on May 1st but as it’s Memorial Day weekend and we know a lot of you will be looking for outfit inspiration we thought we would republish this post for you.

I remember when Isabel Marant launched her wedged sneaker and opened the door to sports becoming fashionable again. With a healthy, active lifestyle becoming more and more desirable it was inevitable that this was going to emerge as a trend. Now, more and more girls are incorporating sneakers into their everyday wardrobe and they aren’t afraid to get fashionable with them, either.

We love the idea of working sneakers into our fashionable looks, not just Converses but cool Nikes and vibrant Gola old school kicks too. Don’t be scared to team them with your pretty summer dresses, summer prints, and bohemian blouses – it will work and it will look cool. We’re all on board with this fashionable sneaker trend. Are you — or should sneakers be kept for the gym?

Retro Jersey Runner , Tanzania Tie Dress, Knit Hooded Drippy Jacket , Vintage Fabric Hard Bangle

sneaker fashion

Stone Summer Star Tee, Oil Stained Boyfriend Jean, Parker Chucks , Pewter Short Chain Collar Necklace

sneaker trend

sneaker trend

Eyelet Flounce Dress, New Romantics Embroidered Moto Jacket , Freeze Aviator Sunglasses, 76 Runner

Let us know what you think of this trend!

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9 years ago

This is awesome, I love the sneaker trend but never thought of wearing them with my summer dresses!

9 years ago

This is veery Swedish … especially electric green or pink nikes with coat and skinny jeans, almost all Swedish girls dress that way, it is like a uniform.

9 years ago

I recently got the Tanzania Tie Dress. I love it! It’s like wearing a little apron. I even layered it over a flouncier dress and got a lot of compliments.

9 years ago

I do not like the sneaker trend at all! Sneakers are for athletic use, wearing them in real life just looks sloppy!

9 years ago

I love it!! I recently got a pair of Gola low quotas in dark blue chambray and they are awesome, I can wear them with literally ANYTHING in my closet and they look great. I got a pair of those yellow jersey Gola trainers and I had to send them back because they were awful in person- the yellow/gray contrast was kind of ugly and they were really puffy and made my feet look enormous. They looked like old man sneakers. I like the slimmer, low-profile sneakers WAY better.

9 years ago

I want the retro jersey runner, but in orange!
These are super cute!

9 years ago

I’m not big on sneakers but I do have a pair of Converses and Keds in my closet that I throw on every now and then.

9 years ago

I am Swedish and I know the trend but I live in Australia where it is not that common.. I kind of have to wear this style when I go into my lab (I am a scientist) because you have to wear closed shoes. For many years I hated replacing my strappy heels with sneakers but now I love it; I have 5 pairs of converse including tall ones up to the knee. I got inspired by my cute and trendy students/staff and now I am even more inspired :o) Thanks FP

9 years ago

People look cool with sneakers, so I bought three pairs of them. However, when I wear it, I just feel dowdy and uncomfortable for unknown reason.

9 years ago

I dislike this upcoming trend. With converse, you can work any piece but not with athletic sneakers.

9 years ago

I love the dress in last one. Cool cloth in summer this year!