Trend: The Great Gatsby & Revival Of 1920’s Fashion

The wardrobe in The Great Gatsby will make your eyes dazzle. It’s not a true reference to the 1920’s but it still is awe-inspiring — it’s like a 21st century 1920’s, if that makes sense. One of my favorite fashion shows where the 1920’s was revived was Etro Spring/Summer 2012. Flapper dresses were made modern with geometric shapes and an uplift in color. Some people might argue that trends shouldn’t be revived and we should always be creating something new, but I love bringing trends back and seeing what the modern age does with it — after all, why let it die? I can’t stop thinking about drop-waist tea dresses, peter pan collars, and marabou trims, thanks to this movie! What are your thoughts on this trend? We’d love to know!

the great gatsby

the great gatsby

Product: Vintage Cotton and Lace Top, Ruched Seamless Short , Side Comb

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7 years ago

Ladies, it would be such a scream if you would bring back some Egyptian Deco patterns, or some of those pochoir designs. For inspiration, you should see Red Poulaine- both their blog & their wonderful little Etsy shop- where they have GORGEOUS antique postcards of 20’s vamp film starlets, fabulous flappers, and even back into the Belle Epoque. I find the garments, especially the headdresses on some of the dancers, ravishing & jazzy- I think you would be inspired! Here’s a link to their blog:

7 years ago

love love love LOOOOVE it! the 21st century is so modern but the 1920s is so culture oriented. I was actually looking forward to a post about the Gatsby soundtrack because I thought that Luhrman’s idea to jazz up jazz by combining hip hop was extremely gutsy and overall pulled together magnificently. I love that intricacy of the costumes as well they are so exquisite and feminine! This movie made me fall in love with an era that seemed to have been since forgotten, overall a lovely post

7 years ago

I am so happy that this style is finally having a ressurection! It is one of the classiest and most put together looks out there. Looking forward to seeing if free people will have a line or something with inspiration of the gatsby era! Call it American Dream????

7 years ago

I have to admit, those dressing are really darn cute!
Fancy, but CUTE!

7 years ago

where are those shorts?

7 years ago

Most of my wardrobe is inspired by either the 20s or the 70’s. FP clothing fits in so well for me; in fact 95% of my clothes are FP… and the rest vintage with a bit of Spell and the Gypsy collective thrown in.

7 years ago

@Anonymous: go to the FP online shop and search for “ruched seamless shorts” and they will come up.

7 years ago

PS. AGAIN, sorry for posting 3 times in a row, but I just had to say this; If you love this trend (not a trend, really, 20s style is really timeless!), you will have to check out the Shimmy Shimmy Party Dress. To date, this is my best purchase from Free People; I wore it to my best friend’s wedding and I love it so much!!!

7 years ago

Jenny, my wardrobe sounds just about the same; I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ’20s! Most feminine, decadent and whimsical of all the eras of fashion! That FP decades catalogue was my favourite one ever, solely for that flapper section! It would be utterly amazing if FP came out with some ’20s-style clothing. <3

7 years ago

Yeah, I love this movie so much!The jewellery in the movie is so charming that I want one f them!
Sincerely love it!

10 months ago

Love the movie, love the book & absolutely love the fashion!! Thx for sharing :0)