New York Photo Diary

Last week I spent the day in New York to shoot behind the scenes of an upcoming ebook. I had the afternoon free, and was so lucky that it turned out to be quite the beautiful day outside. I got to see some of my favorite people, eat some delicious food, and hang out in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn. Here’s a little photo diary of my day!

I spent the morning in this beautiful, bright, white studio with our catalog team, an incredible photographer, and an amazing model – more on that to come! :)

White Studio

For lunch I met up with my dad, my sister, and one of my really good friends in Bryant park. It was a quick hangout because they all had to go back to work, but we spent every moment in hysterical laughter. I love these people so much!

Bryant Park

My next stop was the 5th Avenue Free People store, which just underwent a major reconstruction. The store looked absolutely beautiful, and I even ran into two of our intimates buyers from home office!

Free People plant wall

Free People Intimates Buyers

Free People macrame

I hopped on the subway and went to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where I lived when I was in college. Every time I emerge from the Lorimer Street station I’m hit with the biggest wave of comfort and familiarity – it’s a great feeling.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I walked over to a vintage store called Stella Dallas. This place is amazing. It’s filled with beautiful old fabric, blankets, quilts, and rugs, in every color and pattern imaginable. They also have some beautiful vintage dresses, jewelry, and a bunch of rad cowboy boots.

Stella Dallas vintage store, Brooklyn

Vintage shop, Brooklyn

I headed over to McCarren park, where I’ve spent many-a-day hanging out on blankets in the grass with my friends back in the day. I kicked my shoes off and laid in the grass for a bit, where I reminisced about the days of Brooklyn living. I’m so happy in Philly, but I can’t help but miss those chilled out days and nights in the ‘burg.

Feet in grass, McCarren Park

McCarren Park

I made my way back to Manhattan and hung out on the post office steps across from Penn Station while I waited for my train back to Philly.

Post office steps, New York'

I haven’t gotten the chance to spend a day in New York like that for quite some time. It was relaxing and refreshing. And I slept the whole ride home.

Photos by Brigette and Erik.


  1. I am going back to NY after living there for 8 years, and being gone for 2 years now. I try to get back there as often as possible. I feel the short trips, although a hussle and bussle city, can really energize and inspire when you feel at home. :) Love your photos.

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