Adventures From Our LA Designer: LAX —> SFO

Whattup Sugar Dumplins?

I had the utmost pleasure of traveling to the city of San Francisco with our dear fashion director Kristal. Here I’ll share some of these photos of what I hold so dear about the Bay Area. The city is really wonderful and holds some of my dearest friends and, of course, my beautiful family. Thanks for everything, cousins!

My favorite part of San Francisco is the Outer Sunset, with its cloudy filtered light by Ocean Beach that makes everything look washed away. We shared a meal at the very busy, very wonderful Outerlands. It is also an old Chinese Neighborhood, and an old lion dance school allowed me to take photos of the lion dance heads. I remembered growing up in Hawaii — my parents lifting me up to put money in the lion’s mouth for good luck and me crying in fear.

I also want to thank the pretty blondie at Afterlife in the Mission for hookin’ us up with the spots. I love the curly hair — keep it!

Up next: LAX —-> PDX

Jemma will get me to keep you updated!

Till then,


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10 years ago

Great post – I’m off to San Fran in two weeks for the first time & so excited!

10 years ago

Yay! Pretty pictures!