Beauty Trick: Make Nail Polish In Any Color

When it comes to nail polish, I often have a hard time finding colors that suit me. I feel that I can always find a ton of bright, pretty colors, but my red hair and pale skin always have me wishing for earthy greens and browns, which just aren’t as abundant in nail colors. I recently discovered a way to make my own nail polish in any color, and it totally blew my mind. It’s so easy! All you need is clear nail polish and eye shadow!

Just break up the eye shadow until it’s in powder form, funnel it into the clear nail polish, mix it up with a toothpick or needle, and then shake!

Broken eye shadow

Before shaking:

How to make nail polish in any color

You can mix different colors of eye shadow together to create your shade of choice. I made two shades of green and a brown — I’m in love!

Green and brown nail polish

Green and brown nails

It’s so much fun and so, so simple. This is also a great way to make use of those old or broken eye shadows that you’ve probably forgotten about. One thing to note: shimmery eye shadow = shimmery nail polish, so if you’re more of a classic shiny or matte type of person, steer clear of iridescent eye shadows for this. Have fun!

Earth tone nails

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  1. Brilliant idea! I always hate throwing away that one eye shadow that I never use, and it just sits there and breaks in my makeup bag. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  2. This would be wonderful if it wasn’t impossible to remove. I had this really pretty purple shadow that I just hadn’t used in a while. I decided to try this. After a few days on my nails I wanted to change colors but the purple nail shadow polish took forever to remove.

  3. I figured it out myself. It’s the Asher Heel by Jeffrey Campbell sold through FP. I now have my own pair, and I love them :)

  4. Can you tell me more information on the black, thick strapped, heels in the photos posted with this sarticle? I would love to purchase them but need brand, style name etc. Thank you

  5. Just a suggestion for the people that have trouble removing the polish, try an clear base coat then the new polish. Should make removal easier :)

  6. I am stalking you and this is so amazing oh my god
    I finally don’t have to spend hours searching for that perfect shade omg

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