Decor Trick: Instant Wooden Shelf

A raw wooden shelf is one of my favorite décor elements to have in a home. I love the natural, lived-in feeling it brings about, and that you can create a little vignette on top with whatever little trinkets you choose. Today I have a trick for creating a wooden shelf without using shelf brackets of any kind – just use a wooden crate! I always see tons of wooden crates at flea markets, and they can also be found online, as well. Here are some ways you can use crates as shelves.

You can secure your crate right onto the wall using a drill and four screws, like so:

Crate shelf

Suddenly you have two shelves to play with – the inside of the crate, and right on top! Make a little setup with some of your favorite items. On display here is a vintage beer can as a flower vase, an antique camera, and some twine. Simple yet interesting!

Bedroom crate shelf

Here’s a similar setup for the bathroom, with some perfume, lotion, and a pretty soap dispenser on display. I also wrapped two glass jars with birch bark and filled them with cotton balls and cotton swabs. A little eucalyptus on top and the setup is complete!

Vintage crate shelf, bathroom

Crate as shelf, bathroom

Bathroom crate shelf

Another way to use a crate as a shelf is with a few stacked on top of one another, or with one just placed on a counter as-is. They’re great for decorating an outdoor space, too!

Outdoor crate shelf

Kitchen crate shelf

Crate shelf kitchen

There you have it, the instant wooden shelf. :)

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Beautiful! Shabby chic is the best style. :)


What an awesome idea!
I need to try this outside on my deck.

I also love this style and I want to show my room, too.


i got a couple old canada dry boxes from the lb flea market a year ago and put them up in my room as shelves :) i love it!! and everyone comments on it when they walk into my room!

The ReStore in Cinnaminson Nj (Just outside Philly) sells all kinds of stuff like this! Its a DIY paradise! All of the profits from the ReStore go to the Habitat for Humanity! I cant wait to try this tip out!