DIY Polka Dot Friendship Bracelet

Friendship bracelets have always given me a sentimental feeling — they can bring back thoughts that might be easily lost. Just by looking at them I feel a lot of warmth close to my heart. These bracelets are often given to me by close friends, by my sibling whenever she travels, or picked up by myself when I go to places that I don’t want to forget. In this post I’ll show you how to make a simple summer friendship bracelet for yourself or your friends.

What you need:

Embroidery thread — two colors of your choice

A small pair of scissors

An embroidery needle


DIY friendship bracelet

Step one: Cut 4 (or 8) strands of colored embroidery thread at around 75 inches — I use 8 threads to give it a little more thickness. Group the thread together and fold in half to create a loop. Tie a knot about 1 inch below the loop and secure to a table with tape, then separate your strands into 4.

DIY friendship bracelet

Step two: Start with string 1 and loop it over and then under string 2. Hold string 2 straight and pull the knot snug. Do this again so you have a double knot.

DIY friendship bracelet

Step three: Using string 1, repeat these steps to create two knots around each of the remaining strings (strings 3 and 4).

DIY friendship bracelet

Step four: When the row is complete, do the same again — this time using string 2 to create the double knots around string 3, 4, and 1, in that order.

DIY friendship bracelet

Step five: Keep doing this pattern (using string 3 as the “knotter”, then 4, and then 1 again) until the bracelet is as long as you want it. When you get to the end, split the group of thread in half and tie a knot.

DIY friendship bracelet  

Step six: With the two separate sections, start to braid each one and tie two small knots at the end of each to secure.

DIY friendship bracelet

Step seven: Using the other color of embroidery thread, start embroidering little dots all the way across the friendship bracelet, like so:

DIY friendship bracelet

** To do the knot I just keep threading in and out at one spot — making a kind of circular shape — until I’m happy with how it looks.

DIY friendship bracelet

And there you have it, a fun polka dot friendship bracelet to give to someone special over the summer!


  1. I must have read this wrong because I made my bracelet with four strings each at 75 inches!! haha the bracelet came out great but it was quite difficult using such long strings and i’m sure i can get 3 more bracelets out of the leftover string. thanks for the post though!

  2. Help! The bracelet twists as it gets longer (I remember this problem when I was little and made these all the time too!). Even if I keep the knots loose, it still doesn’t lay flat and gets all twisty. Anyone else have the same problem, and any hints? Thanks!!

  3. Such a simple and easy way to create an incredible addition to any string of bracelets. You could make one of every color to match with each outfit. With the dual colors you can even further customize them.

  4. The instructions are really clear i love making the classic friendship bracelet and have been looking for cooler versions

    Gina when it twists carry on and once you have finished iron the bracelet to make it flat

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