One Of My Favorite UK Breakfasts

One of the simplest and easiest breakfasts is surprisingly my favorite… the crumpet. I grew up having this bread creation and it still continues to satisfy me. All you do is toast it, add some butter or jam to the top and you’re done. It’s completely yummy!

The crumpet was invented during the Anglo-Saxon period. It’s a griddle cake made from flour and yeast and is savory, not sweet. In Wales where I’m from it’s often called a piglydd, meaning a dark or sticky bread. I would say a crumpet is to the UK what a bagel is to America. It’s a great breakfast to have if you’re in a rush or want something to take on the go, and I have a really bad habit of dunking them into my coffee.


What’s your favorite breakfast?

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10 years ago

Right now I am obsessed with greek yogurt with a mashed up banana in it along with chia seeds.

10 years ago

HA! I’m American and grew up eating crumpets too! They really are delicious. When ever I mention it to anyone here in the states they have no idea what I’m talking about, I enjoy it with butter, creamcheese or a slice of tomato.mmm

10 years ago

They look similar to English Muffins moreso than bagels! Perhaps they are english muffins… I’ve never given it much thought!

10 years ago

As a british gal crumpets are a must, so delish. we also take them camping to toast over the camp fire for midnight snacks.

Zoe @GypsieSister xx

FP Jemma
10 years ago

@zoe that sounds perfect! I must take them with me when I go camping!!

10 years ago

I need a good recipe!! I have yet to find one….

10 years ago

my fav for breakfast is avocado toast with honey or agave nectar drizzled on top, or banana pancakes!

10 years ago

It looks so beautiful! I love it, UK food!