Free People Horoscopes, June 24-30

By Tracy Allen.


cancer zodiac illustrationCANCER

June 21–July 22

Big news for Crabs! Jupiter, the giant of the solar system, makes its grand entrance into Cancer this week, kicking off a yearlong stay and a 12-year growth period. Your sign hasn’t had a visit from this magnanimous planet since summer 2001– summer 2002. Buoyed by optimism and confidence, you’re commencing a journey of self-knowledge where you’ll feel freer and braver to realize your full potential. It’s time to take on the world, have new experiences, expose yourself to foreign concepts and people, travel, study, explore unfamiliar beliefs and ultimately find…yourself. This year will bring plenty of opportunities, but you need to meet them halfway in order to take advantage of what they offer. At the moment, the sun in Cancer is providing juice for your vision and for the work you’re doing to actualize a dream. When Mercury goes retrograde in your sign, however, thoughts turn inward, giving you a few weeks to internally process the coming external developments and align yourself with the energy. Easier said than done, because as your mind drifts toward the past (and it will—Cancers are nostalgic sentimentalists!), Jupiter is nudging you out of your shell and into the future.


leo zodiac sign illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

With philosophical Jupiter slipping into your seclusion sector this week, you’re in for a year of deep thoughts! This will be a period when you can learn about hidden parts of yourself more willingly; develop compassion for suffering; understand that we’re all connected; experience healing through another person; gain empathy for differences; free what has been confined; and gain spiritual wisdom. Your ruler the sun is currently in this part of your chart, orienting you inward and cranking up the volume on your intuition. It’s possible to get a lot of valuable information from dreams or even from passing thoughts. Listen to what your mind is telling you on an alternate level, and pay attention to the by-products of your imagination. As Venus enters Leo, part of you will rejoin the world, as your magnetism is amplified, revving up your social life. But accept that one side is immersed in the flow of personal emotions and may need privacy from time to time.



virgo zodiac sign illustrationVIRGO

August 23–September 22

You’re heading into a phase of shifting gears, as aspirational Jupiter leaves your career angle to take up residence in your hopes-and-wishes house for the next year. You’ll broaden your perspective; begin to envision new goals; expand your network; learn from friends and associates; grow increasingly idealistic about making the world a better place; socialize with groups more; grow your faith in humanity; enjoy generosity between you and the circle of people in your life; and experience the uplifting support of friends. With the sun currently transiting that part of your chart, you’re getting energy from connecting with people, but Mercury’s retrograde there could lead to misunderstandings or make you feel a little off socially and uncertain of your role amongst others. It’s not just you. We all have to adapt to the retrograde phase, but since Mercury rules Virgo, you feel it more than some. Considering that social Venus is entering your seclusion sector, do give yourself time alone when you need it.


libra zodiac sign illustrationLIBRA

September 23–October 22

Aim-high Jupiter is crossing your ambition angle this week, setting up camp for a yearlong stay to grow your goals. Increasingly confident in your ability to achieve, you could snag a career mentor or take on a leadership role, teaching others. Your optimism about moving up will inspire you to set loftier goals, and since this is a high-profile period of reward and status, you may get a promotion or move on to a bigger job. Right now the sun is coordinating the energy between your career, your finances and your work ethic, so this week offers a chance to put all that together in a productive way. However, with Mercury going retrograde in your authority zone, miscommunication with your boss is quite possible. Review your objectives in the next few weeks, rather than giving voice to them. Your ruler Venus sashays into your affiliations sector this week, making group activities extra pleasant. Your popularity with friends may rise, but if you’re feeling all-work-and-no-play, you can also use this time for networking in order to advance your career.


scorpio zodiac sign illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

Idealistic Jupiter is changing signs this week—something it does about once a year—and moving into a different house in everyone’s chart. For Scorpios, it’s arriving in the part of your chart that it’s most at home in, your vision sector. Your perspective will widen in the coming months, as you’re pulled to study, travel and become more conscious and knowledgeable. You’ll cultivate new beliefs based on your exposure to new things and people, and your overall faith should strengthen. Feeling more philosophical than usual, you’ll embark on a quest for wisdom that will broaden your mind and also orient you more towards the future. This optimistic energy is aligned now with your maturation process and the work you’re doing on yourself, and it’s also fueling happiness, fun, romance and creativity. Something is bound to get lost in translation in the next few weeks, though, during Mercury’s retrograde period, as you misstate your opinion or misunderstand someone else’s. Use this time wisely to rethink your beliefs and to look back on old views of the future that need to shift. Venus waltzes into your ambition angle, upping your appeal with higher-ups and helping you to charm the boss. This is your chance to assess the value of current goals and to shine in public.


sagittarius zodiac sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Your ruling planet Jupiter changes signs about once a year, and this week it glides into your sharing sector, suggesting a variety of developments between now and next summer. Money from outside sources such as loans, grants, tax refunds and inheritance may come through, since this is a time when you’ll benefit from joint resources. Investing in others will pay off, possibly in the form of a fruitful business partnership or an intimate relationship. It’s to your benefit to be open to merging in the coming months. You also stand to gain from intensive inner work, achieving greater self-understanding and regenerating your faith. Upbeat Jupiter’s stay in this part of your chart is likely to make you more hopeful about closeness and trust. With the sun there already—harmonizing with Saturn and Neptune this week—intimacy, solitude, and emotional centeredness are big with you now, and you’re probably cogitating over private feelings or someone close to you. Mercury’s retrograde increases the chances of a misunderstanding between you and a confidant, though. Or you could be holding your cards so close to the vest that you’re not divulging much to anyone, and Mercury has you silently reminiscing about a past relationship. Take a cue from Venus as she enters your journeys house, and delight in the allure of different cultures, travel, learning and your favorite thing—freedom!


capricorn zodiac sign illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

Beneficent Jupiter’s entry into your partnership angle this week portends a year of positive emphasis on your connections with others. You’re likely to learn both about and through relationships; encounter generosity; meet more foreigners and people who open up a new world to you; come across teachers and mentors; bond with someone different from you; and have more luck in relationships and more faith in other people. You’re clicking fairly well with both individuals and groups at the moment, thanks to the sun, Saturn and Neptune teaming up in your social sectors, but miscommunication is a possibility with Mercury going retrograde. You’ll probably find yourself thinking about people from the past in the next few weeks and may reconnect with someone you haven’t seen in a while. As loving Venus sneaks into your hidden-matters zone, trust, closeness and having someone to confide in become extra important. And you may even experience deep feelings of love, loyalty and intimacy if you’re lucky.


aquarius zodiac sign illustrationAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

Get ready for a year of positive self-improvement when high-minded Jupiter traipses into your efficiency zone this week. Structure and discipline will help you to grow, and you’ll probably have more responsibilities and possibly more freedom within your job. You may land a better gig or gain valuable knowledge and skills to further your career. Your daily routine could also expand, and you might wind up traveling for work. Physical energy to pursue goals and a belief in what you’re doing are major pluses in the coming months. Also, if you’re interested in learning more about health, this is a perfect time for it. Your enlivened work ethic is currently feeding into your ambition, your evolving resources and your creative talents, but look out for crossed wires with colleagues as Mercury turns retrograde. Use the next few weeks to review what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, analyzing how you could be more productive and effective. With Venus dancing across your relationship angle, your affection for others rises, and you’re inclined to see the beauty in people.


pisces zodiac sign illustrationPISCES

February 19–March 20

With boundless Jupiter cruising into your joy sector this week and preparing to hang out there until next summer, good things are in store for Fish. Jupiter’s new position in your chart suggests courage in love, expanding creativity, fearless self-expression, generous affection, growing personal fulfillment, the freedom to play, faith in romance, learning from love, and brave authenticity. The sun’s placement there now is telling you to go ahead and enjoy yourself, spend time with children and indulge in artistic pursuits, sports and hobbies. You’re taking your dreams and your future seriously, but fun will reinvigorate you. The potential for romance is high, but you may simply be feeling nostalgic for lost love, with Mercury backtracking in the house that rules matters of the heart. Revising a creative project would be a great use of this energy in the next few weeks. As pleasant Venus heads into your duties house, you’ll start putting your heart into your work more and should have an easy time getting along with coworkers. Focus on enjoying what you do every day and on valuing your health.


aries zodiac sign illustrationARIES

March 21–April 19

Jupiter crosses your domestic angle this week, kicking off a year of greater generosity between you and your family; a possible move (maybe to a bigger space or someplace far away); firmer emotional security and inner confidence; increased understanding of your feelings; an improved home life; more positivity about the past; and strong support from your roots. You should be feeling pretty grounded now, with the sun at the bottom of your chart, and when it links with Saturn and Neptune, a mature take on the work of partnership and a Zen attitude about letting go gain traction. Mercury’s retrograde phase brings a wave of nostalgia, and you’ll find yourself looking back on childhood or reassessing your emotional state. Mixed signals at home or with your family are potential sources of frustration in the next few weeks, but with affectionate Venus moving into your joy sector, in general you’ll feel more playful, demonstrative and spontaneous, deriving pleasure from creativity, romance and spending time with kids.


taurus zodiac sign illustrationTAURUS

April 20–May 20

Expansive Jupiter heads into your environment sector this week for a yearlong stay, increasing your overall busyness. If you have siblings, your relations with them should be smoother, and they’ll act with generosity, possibly even teaching you something. Speaking of learning, you’ll not only take in a plethora of information, but you can reach a different level of understanding by breaking open old thought patterns, taking more trips and contemplating the future more. Your habitual thinking needs to become more abstract and long-range, hence less limited. Honest communication and an inspired mind will be themes in the coming year. For now, Mercury is going retrograde in that part of your chart, crossing wires and causing travel delays. Although you’ll feel enthused about connecting with people, expect some snags in getting and receiving messages. When your ruling planet Venus enters your domestic angle, you’ll be disposed to beautify your space, have people over and appreciate family. Both nesting and feathering your nest appeal to you now, so revel in the comforts of home.


gemini zodiac sign illustrationGEMINI

May 21–June 20

Jupiter wraps up its time in your sign this week and begins a visit to your worth zone, transitioning you from self-expansion to getting more of what’s important to you. During the next year, you’ll attain a firmer understanding of finances; learn how to better manage your resources; increase your income; maximize your gifts; get pleasure from satisfying tastes and desires; value your personal beliefs; grow more confident in what you’ve got going for you; and start to manifest your ideas from the past year in a more concrete manner. A caveat that’s worth mentioning in advance: Increasing your spending is as likely as increasing your income, so be mindful of splurges. Right now, you’re consolidating your focus, which is perfectly in sync with disciplined work and ambitious dreams, reaffirming your feeling of being on the right track. But when Mercury goes retrograde, you might have to deal with money-related miscommunication, poor financial judgment or a faulty purchase. Use the next few weeks to reevaluate your finances, and you could end up getting something out of your ruler’s off-season. Venus ups your affection for siblings, your appreciation for your neighborhood and the pleasant quality of everyday interactions for the next few weeks.


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Awesome Horoscope. Had no idea that was on this blog. Just started reading this blog and I gotta say it’s already a favorite of mine. I am trying to start a little hemp store. I have limited money to start so I need to sell my innovatory so I can reinvest in something new please help me out by checking out my store. If you like something my gift to you for your time is save 10% by entering coupon code 10percent01 at the checkout. Thanks.
Mary’s Hemp Store

Sometimes Free People knows exactly what is going on. How they do it? I have no clue.

This post made my day. Thanks Free People.

Trish Gauthier

I can not believe how absolutely accurate this is. Love this sight. Thanks Tracy!


I follow the bldg25 blog from free people and regularly read your horoscopes. Lately they have been so accurate with what I am currently going through and have been for the last few months. I am a capricorn but i have also noticed that the horoscopes for Aries seems to be parallel to my horoscope. Why is that?

i love Free People!


I’m so glad to see that Jupiter will be entering Cancer! I’m excited about the great year ahead! :)

You’re welcome, Trish! Hi Michelle. You might be Aries rising. If you want to give me your birth info (date including year, place and exact time from your birth certificate), I can let you know. Or your moon could be in Aries, in which case you’d be experiencing some of what I write about for the sun-in-Aries people, but on a different level. My third guess: With Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn playing out a major drama, those two signs are bound together for several years. Depending on the nature of your chart, you may relate to the… Read more »

Could you do the same thing for me! (as the other Michelle that is). I am a Virgo but have always felt like there is other influences that effect me (primarly Gemini). My birthday is Aug. 28th, 1989. I was born in Salem Oregon at 7:15 (ish) in the morning. (early in the 7 am hour). I would love to know! or


Thank you for responding Tracy! My birthdate is Dec 29, 1988. I was born in Aurora, CO at 2:14 pm. My email address is

Hello, yes this article is in fact pleasant and I have learned lot of
things from it on the topic of blogging. thanks.