Free People Horoscopes, June 3-9

Horoscopes by Tracy Allen.

gemini zodiac signGEMINI

May 21–June 20

Clever Mercury and captivating Venus each form a harmonious triangle (called a grand trine) this week with dreamer Neptune and planner Saturn in your work sectors, making it easier to put things together in your head. Consider how you can best maximize your talents and execute a detailed plan to fulfill your most meaningful ambitions. Think about combining creativity and realism in your career to improve your finances and strengthen your self-worth. Look at your current resources and your list of top wants and see if you can better align those with work methods that will enable you to reach an elusive goal. Be mindful of your words and actions, though, as both Mercury and Mars are sparring with other planets. Make sure not to divulge someone else’s business or get too aggressive at work. The new moon in Gemini gives you a full head of steam, but thinking and getting in touch with your truest desires are more effective than doing something you might have to fix later. Ponder where you want to go from here and let friends or group activities boost your enthusiasm.


cancer zodiac signCANCER

June 21–July 22

With Mercury and Venus in your sign forming a grand trine with wishful Neptune in your future zone and serious Saturn in your happiness house, this is a great week to get inspired to make your dreams a reality. You can blend creative vision with pragmatic planning and methodical work to make what you long for a more concrete possibility. Your thoughts and feelings become unblocked, and you’re pulled to express your sincere emotions and artistic vision. Although you’re excited to share love, a playful mood, new ideas and more with others, be a bit selective and choose situations in which you feel secure and comfortable. Verbal power plays could be an issue later in the week, and unconscious behavior on your part—based on a misperception—could dampen your spirits. Conversations are somewhat unpredictable, so don’t take surprises or misunderstandings personally. Look back on what you’ve discovered about yourself in the past year. Is there a very private truth that’s revealed itself? Have you learned about endings and letting go? If it feels right, make a spiritual resolution that reflects this personal growth.


leo zodiac signLEO

July 23–August 22

It’s all about feelings this week, as the planets form a triangle of free-flowing energy between your emotional houses. Intuition, introspection, soul-searching, psychological digging, self-healing—that’s where you’re at. Listening to your heart and your gut and reflecting on your very private or even unconscious desires will help you to work through the past and bring the depth or closeness that you’re yearning for within reach. Meditation or some other spiritual practice could put you in just the right emotional groove, but communicating and taking action are trickier now. Your words and behavior might be misconstrued by coworkers, friends or a group, through no fault of your own. Pursuing a new goal or teaming up with others can lead to confusion or a loss in trust, undermining your security. You’re safer sticking to your own personal process and contemplating what you value most from the past year in terms of new goals formulated, contacts made, an expanded role in a group, a different circle you’ve joined, a broader vision of your future and new ideals. Combining the best of those things with a more liberated belief system can renew your hopes of turning over a new leaf.


virgo zodiac signVIRGO

August 23–September 22

The planets are making some things easy and some things difficult this week, and as is often the case in life, the positives are subtler than the negatives. So you have to pay attention and take advantage of what’s going well. In the plus column: teamwork, networking, group activities, friends, thinking about where you’re headed next, a helpful friend or significant other and a serious, disciplined mindset. The negatives: Creative pursuits, dating, a close relationship, secrets or introspection may be at odds with your social life, as group interests come into conflict with personal issues. And if you try to push ahead in your career, you could fail to make an impact and become disillusioned. But with a new moon in your ambition angle, it would be appropriate to set some sort of goal. Mull over the ways in which your status—and hopefully your optimism—have grown since last summer, and ask yourself what you want going forward. You’ve reached some type of high-water mark that has increased your faith in your ability to achieve. Where do you want to go from here?


libra zodiac signLIBRA

September 23–October 22

You’ve got ambition on the brain, with mental Mercury in your goals house forming cooperative angles with Neptune in your job zone and Saturn in your financial sector this week. And when your ruling planet Venus follows suit, you’ll segue from thinking to wanting. You’re longing for more meaning in your work and the satisfaction of being useful to others. Or you may want to do something more spiritual on a daily basis or develop healthier habits. But money is also an issue, as you get increasingly serious about taking responsibility for your own security. It could be difficult to balance thoughts about goals with home or family issues, though. And an impulse to travel or assert your opinions or seize more freedom could come into conflict with daily responsibilities, a health issue, a coworker or finances. Take a breather from the stress, and look back on a particular area of your life that has been expanding in the last year. You’ve been traveling more than usual or fantasizing about it, or maybe you’ve just exposed yourself to a wider range of people and ideas and opened up your mind through education or exploring unfamiliar beliefs. Review what’s been changing for you, and decide what the takeaway message might be. There may be another step forward that you can take to wrap up this chapter and move on to bigger things. It could help to write down a philosophical statement or mantra that captures your experience and inspires momentum.


scorpio zodiac signSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

Cerebral Mercury and covetous Venus in your beliefs sector mesh with dreamy Neptune in your happiness zone and responsible Saturn in your sign this week, reviving your faith in future fulfillment. These four planets are paving the way for you, but you need to do your part by aligning your energy and emotions with them. Honor your longing for creative fulfillment, joyful self-expression and romantic love. Believe that by being mature and disciplined and taking yourself seriously, you can manifest what you want. And start to think more optimistically. Have the courage to believe that you’re free to manifest the future your heart desires. On a different note, you’re working on changing the way you assert yourself and possibly trying to get to the bottom of a sticky issue. Giving your opinion could trigger a battle, so you may need to watch your words. And you might not understand what’s going on in a relationship and end up confused over whether or not you trust someone. Your recent self-sufficiency is at odds with your impulse to get close. Reflect on the past year of psychological growth and perhaps partnership growth, and figure out what you’ve learned about trust, intimacy, jealousy, sexuality, possessiveness, personal space and sharing. Then consider what you still need in that area to consider your growth spurt a success.


sagittarius zodiac signSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Mercury and Venus in your psychology zone mesh with Neptune and Saturn in other emotionally charged houses this week, helping you to get to the bottom of your feelings. As a resilient Sag, you may not often stop and contemplate emotions, but this is a chance to gain penetrating insight into something to do with home or family or the past as well as something concerning an ending, letting go or a lingering dark cloud in the back of your mind. Meanwhile, in the outside world, an argument over secrets, trust, values or money could upset you. Don’t try to control the dynamic or get the last word. It’s also possible that someone will do something that bewilders you or rubs you the wrong way, but again, you’re better off letting it slide, because this week has its share of ups and downs. A new moon in your relationship angle can serve as a reminder that your ruler Jupiter is wrapping up its year there soon, preparing to move into your deep-sharing sector later this month. Get a feel for how your relationships have shifted since last summer and think about what you’ve learned from other people. You’re valuing closeness and trust now and spontaneous one-on-one connecting can boost your spirits.


capricorn zodiac signCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

It’s another mixed-bag kind of week, as we all try to milk the good things and dodge the not-so-good things that the planets offer up. For starters, talkative Mercury and amiable Venus in your partnership angle each form a simpatico triangle—known as a grand trine—with imaginative Neptune in your mindset house and ambitious Saturn in your network sector. So there’s a flow between your one-on-one relationships, the dreams in your head and your plans for the future. Your creativity and ambition are both stimulated, especially when you talk things through with someone close to you. But a power struggle could upset the equilibrium, so you need to take your ego out of the equation. With dominant Pluto in your sign, you may have realized that doing so can resolve a variety of problems. It’s easy to misinterpret a coworker’s behavior now, or you yourself may do something connected with your job, your health or your responsibilities that’s based on skewed thinking. With a new moon in that part of your chart later in the week, consider how your daily routine, your habits or your skills have changed and hopefully improved in the past year, then ask yourself what you can initiate that will put the icing on the cake. What self-improvement can you take to the next level? Stay humble and grounded in this process, and continue to break free from past patterns and childhood baggage.


aquarius zodiac signAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

When Mercury and Venus link with Neptune and Saturn this week, they create a flow between three related areas of your life and stir up feelings about the reality you’re trying to manifest. Start by trying to identify your current thoughts and desires when it comes to your job, your habits, your health, your responsibilities and your skills. There’s a chance to make those things dovetail with finances, values, self-esteem and talents as well as ambition, reputation, career and life direction. Unconscious anger or deep internal changes could lead to harsh criticism or a problem with coworkers. And attempts to express yourself, have fun and possibly spark some romance may misfire in complicated ways that can be traced back to confused values, low funds or career pressure. The new moon in your happiness zone invites you to take a moment to recognize what you’ve been enjoying the most this past year, what you’ve felt optimistic about, how your creativity has expanded, what risks you’ve been willing to take for personal fulfillment and how your faith in who you are has changed. Certain things in your life that can seem frivolous and optional are actually crucial for balance. You may need to keep reminding yourself of that.


pisces zodiac signPISCES

February 19–March 20

As pensive Mercury and desirous Venus in your personal-fulfillment sector harmonize with Neptune in Pisces and serious-minded Saturn in your vision house this week, seize this opportunity to revive your inspiration. Combine creative ideas, expressing yourself from the heart, plans for the future and maturing beliefs about your path with your private longings in order to fire yourself up. Think about what really makes you happiest and recognize the powerful network of people in your life that can give you needed strength. You could run into trouble with friends, family, a roommate or professional contacts by being in your own headspace, but with your ruler Neptune turning retrograde now, you’ll naturally start to go within to incubate your dreams and tune into spirit. It’s almost unavoidable at a time like this that you’ll be on your own wavelength and occasionally be misunderstood. To ground yourself later in the week, focus on what home means to you, and reflect on the truths about your private emotions, your roots and your patterns you’ve unearthed in the past year. What will improve your home life and your sense of personal security? Introduce a new element in that area that will give you a more peaceful foundation.


aries zodiac signARIES

March 21–April 19

With the planets syncing up in the emotion-based houses in your chart this week, tap into your mood and try to spend quality time at home or connecting with family. Direct your energy towards whatever brings you comfort, peace and security. Think about your patterns, memories and family legacy and see if it’s possible to heal a wound related to an ending and work through issues around trust, intimacy and sharing. It won’t be a cinch to balance home and goals now, and asserting yourself could set off negative feelings, so tread lightly. Your family or someone you live with may say something that catches you off guard, but don’t overreact. You’re tempted to push things a bit this week, and the planets aren’t encouraging a whole lot of action. Instead, focus on what you’ve learned since last summer and how your habitual mindset and communication style has changed. Give some thought to what you still might need to learn, what new information would help you and how you can express something in a fresh way. Writing would be a very productive means of self-reflection now.


taurus zodiac signTAURUS

April 20–May 20

Make an effort to connect with people this week, as four planets link together in the social houses of your chart. It’s possible to establish a flow of communicating and relating that helps you to feel more in tune with people and perhaps more on the same page with a particular person. Your whole attitude can improve, especially if you allow yourself to open up about your feelings. Make sure not to get into a tug of war over beliefs, though, as nobody will come out the winner. Rather, you could learn something by listening to someone from a different background or someone who has an opinion contrary to your own. Your actions concerning money, possessions or values may not be received well, so try to stay flexible instead of digging your heels in. A new moon in your worth zone is an opportunity to take a fresh approach to making the most of your talents, allocating resources, making an income and living your values. Your intuition could be at odds with logic, but pay attention to what it’s trying to tell you. One last bright spot in the week: creative thinking and expressing affection should come easily now!


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9 years ago

the beautiful picture is by marie zucker, a very talented german photographer, just so you know.

horoscope: spot on as always, it’s eerie!


9 years ago

Exactly right for me this week! It’s always a good idea to review how far you’ve come. And I DO want to start a daily spiritual practice!

9 years ago

I am a scientist, I don’t believe in horoscopes…. but why is it then that I read them? And why is it that your ones are always scarily spot on… hmmm, maybe I really want to “do something more spiritual on a daily basis” as my horoscope (libra) says…

9 years ago

Oh Shelley, I just checked out your shop and I LOOOOOOVE it!!! I
I also make jewellery and I have a blog:
Jen xx

9 years ago

Isabelle and Shelley: Thanks for the feedback! It’s always good to know what’s resonating with people.
Jenny: Great question! I don’t know how to answer it concisely. I’m a big fan of science, and I don’t see it as mutually exclusive with astrology. To my mind, science doesn’t necessarily rule out the idea that we may be connected to the universe on a profound level…it actually tells us that human beings are comprised mostly of stardust. I suppose I don’t think of astrology in terms of belief. I never expected to use it as extensively as I do, but I found it works for me. I view it as an ancient system that can be a helpful tool for understanding the complexities of people and the cycles of life…one of many avenues people might take in their search for meaning. You’re a scientist, but you also make jewelry and probably see the beauty in both…..a Libra balancing different sides of yourself! Thanks for asking something so thought-provoking:)

9 years ago

As always, very spot on. That whole headspace thing (I’m a Piscean, btw) is so true. I seem to be operating in my own wavelength these past 2 weeks, even more so this week, and feeling like I want to go in hermit-mode so I can hack all my plans and get them all lined up. Exciting times. Tracy, you’re a star (pun intended). Hope to get that private reading done. Is your email on domain working already? Let me email you this weekend to inquire. Cheers!

9 years ago

Hey Niki. Thanks so much! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of things percolating. And yes, fixed the email issue, so you can contact me that way or on Twitter (@astrotherapist). Looking forward to it!

9 years ago

On point once again! Love it.