Geo Painted Wooden Kitchen Tools

I always love incorporating natural wood into my home – especially in the kitchen. I was feeling really inspired by our Sacred Geometry lookbook, and thought it could be cool to interpret the idea using wooden kitchen tools like a cutting board and some spoons. Geometric shapes are so simple, yet very impactful at the same time. One bold shape is striking enough to change the entire look and feel of a cutting board.

All you need to do this are wooden kitchen items of your choice, food-grade paint (I used black), and paintbrushes. You can also use a food-grade wood sealant to protect the surface of the wood and help the designs last longer.

Wooden kitchen tools

Before I got started, I wanted to first test out some geometric shapes by drawing them on paper before transferring them to the wood. In doing this, I realized that I’m all about triangles– and that there are so many different ways to display them.

I then lightly drew my designs on the wooden surfaces with pencil to make sure that I’d be 100% happy with the placement.

Geo pencil wooden kitchen tools

Next it’s time to paint away! I used a piece of paper to help me make a straight line where I needed a big one. I just free-handed the rest!

Black paint, wood

Painting geo shapes, wooden spoon

I liked having some of the designs spill over onto the sides of the wood.

Geometric wooden kitchen tools

Finish off with a food-grade wood sealant to protect your designs during use! Make sure you wait at least 72 hours for your paint and sealant to dry before using.


See our tutorial on geometric nail art – and have a look at our Sacred Geometry lookbook. :)

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10 years ago

great idea Bridgette thanks <3

10 years ago

That looks so cool, I must try it!

10 years ago

I love this! So cool! It would make such a wonderful hostess gift!

Juliette Laura

10 years ago

If you are super skilled with a soldering iron you could also go that route. :)

10 years ago

so cute thanks for the great idea,
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Mary’s Hemp Store

10 years ago

Enjoy the life and happy life every day! I love this one.

10 years ago


10 years ago

Where do you find food grade paint?! did you just use non-toxic acrylic and then seal it?