How To Make Your Hair Grow

I’ve had long hair for as long as I can remember. Without it I’d feel like a totally different person! I feel that my hair is a huge part of me, and I love the versatility of having long hair – I can wear it a trillion different ways and never get bored. Going from long hair to short hair is easy – all it takes is a pair of scissors and a few minutes – but the transition from short to long isn’t quite so pleasant. If you’ve decided to grow your hair out, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process. Here’s how to make your hair grow!

Take biotin

These past few weeks I keep finding myself doing a double take when I catch a glimpse of FP Jemma. Her hair is getting SO long SO quickly – and it seems that I’m not the only one who’s noticed. Her secret? Biotin. It’s a B-complex vitamin that offers benefits such a stimulating rapid hair and nail growth, aiding metabolism, and more. After seeing FP Jemma’s success with this vitamin, I think I need to try some for myself.


Biotin for long hair

Massage your scalp

Scalp massage has been thought to aid in hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp. Commit yourself to a 1-minute massage before shampooing — every time you wash you hair. Apply about a tablespoon of oil (like olive, coconut, avocado, jojoba or almond oil) to the roots of your hair and gently massage the scalp with your fingertips in circular motions. Not only will this increase blood flow, it will also offer you intense relaxation. For an even more relaxing scalp massage, add a few drops of calming essential oils, like lavender, cedarwood, and thyme.

Long brown hair

Get regular trims

I used to think this bit of advice was a myth. How could trimming the bottom of your hair possibly affect growth from the root in any way? So I took the question to my hairdresser, and finally it all made sense.  “Think of a split end as a run in a stocking,” she said. Once that run starts, it’s going to continue all the way up the stocking—and that’s the same thing that happens to your hair. The split travels all the way up the strand, causing it to become weak and break off. So it’s not that getting a trim helps your hair to grow faster — it’s that it prevents breakage from occurring at the ends of your strands, allowing you to more quickly reach your desired hair length! As an added bonus, trimming your hair keeps the ends from looking stringy and uneven, helping your locks to appear fuller.

Hair trim

Eat a healthy diet

Consuming the healthiest of foods is good for your body in so many ways – and healthy hair growth is certainly one of them. Protein and healthy fats are essential for hair growth, so make sure your meals contain a balanced amount of these! In addition, make sure to get enough iron and zinc, as a deficiency in these vitamins has been known to cause hair loss. Some foods high in iron and zinc are oysters, lentils, and oats. Vitamin C is another one to be sure to include – without it, your hair may become dull and weak, breaking easily. Some foods that you may be surprised to know are high in Vitamin C: red and green hot chili peppers; guavas; dark, leafy greens; and kiwis.

Long red hair

Do you have any tips for healthy hair growth? Please share them below!


  1. Amazing .I’ve have what I would say is mid length to long hair forages now it doesn’t seem to want grow any longer but I want my hair to to be like way past the bust long. So hopefully this will work.
    Thank you

  2. How come there are never any hair posts for curly girls? Or anyone with curly hair modeling? As a curly girl myself, it would be great to relate to.

  3. try to limit exposure to heat!! i only blow dry if i have to, and try to do heat-less curls- FP did a post about it not too long ago! twist sections of your hair into little buns and pin/clip them up overnight. I also juice a lot- and i try to incorporate cucumber in most of my juices. It stimulates hair growth! I get compliments/comments about how long and fast my hair grows ALL the time.

  4. I have been taking biotin sense last October and it has made my hair soooooo long. I really didnt think it would work as well as everyone was saying it does, but its true! Start right now and you wont regret it!

  5. WORKS!!! For sure, have been taking it for over a year now and have noticed unbelieveable results!! DIET is always important though, especially when taking a supplement like Biotin. Keep a healthy and balanced diet while doing this and you’ll be incredibly happy :)

  6. WOW, this is so timely for me. I had really really long beautiful hair for all my life (I am 34). Just over a year ago, I had all my hair cut off. It was cool and pretty, like a punky pixie, but I regret it so much. Trying to grow it back out now and it is REALLY hard! Just got to the bob stage. I will never cut it off again. I am growing it until it is as long as Brigette’s :o)

  7. PS again. (sorry for so many posts in a row but just wanted to add this):
    My colleague also had her hair cut off around the same time as me, and her hair is way longer than mine now. She has been taking LYSINE, which is an amino acid that in the body gets converted to the ones you need to build collagen, the main protein component of hair (long chains of tough protein, basically). I started taking lysine myself just recently so I can’t tell if it works for me yet but it seems to have worked for her…

  8. Please beware, biotin may cause acne as a side effect for some people. It can also stimulate growths of hair in other areas. I know tons of people it has worked for and others who have broken out all over their face with acne. It all depends on how your
    reacts to it. Biotin also helps with nail growth.

  9. I have had 11 1/2inches cut off from my hair TWICE. My hair is now past my chest. My secret is prenatal vitamins. I’m only 22(no kids) but the vitamins have lots of nutrients I miss out on since I am a picky eater. Loaded with Vitamin A, B,C,D,E and folic acid, one a day for about 6 months. You will see results in the first month! Oh, and those regular trims help tremendously.

  10. Keratin treatments! I had my thyroid removed last year and my hair got so thin. My hairdresser cut my hair to the shoulders and we did treatments. It’s awesome!

  11. I know this might sound crazy but if you have spare birth control pills or can get them for cheap or free you crush them and put them in your shampoo and conditioner…works like a charm! They are a little hard to crush so just put them in a ziploc and crush them with a hammer or something

  12. Cold showers and dry shampoo! It seriously works. Shampooing constantly strips your hair of its natural healthy oils stalling growth. Cold showers help keep in these healthy oils and prevent breakage as well as stimulate growth! I’m a curly girl and I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for ages and with this I saw the best results!

  13. Real Mayo Works Wonders On Dry Frizzy, Over Processed Hair….Leave It On As Long As U Can Stand It, Then Use A Good Shampoo And Light Cond…U Will B Surprised!

  14. My brother is a hair stylist and here is his advice that works for me: Don’t brush or comb it when it’s wet and don’t twist it up into a towel. It pulls and breaks the strands of the hair. Just blot as much as you can. Wash as little as you can manage. Get regular conditioning treatments. And Kerastase does wonders. You don’t have to get an inch off when getting trims, just have the stylist do a “dusting”. Thanks!

  15. Shampoo for horses. It will make your hair grow super fast and healthy, plus it smells good. ;)

  16. I feel like my hair stops growing after a certain point — it’s so frustrating! I’ll have to check some of these tips out, although I’m worried about biotin causing acne, like someone else mention up thread.

    Also, yes please to more curls! I love your hair posts, but it’s always just focused on straight hair/waves!

  17. As a hairstylist, I can say that these are really great tips, just make sure if you are using essential oils you shampoo your hair really thoroughly or it can make your hair a little greasy, OR if you don’t want to get essential oils simply massage your hair with conditioner in. Here’s a few tips that I’ve learned over the years:

    ~for curly haired girls, sometimes it may seem that your hair stops growing at a certain phase (and sometimes it does depending on your hair growth pattern) it may be because curly hair shrinks up, so for every three inches it grows, while it’s curly it only grows an inch, another thing that may contribute to that is curly hair is naturally more dry than other hair so it’s more prone to breakage, I’d suggest deep conditioning once to twice a week depending on how much you use heat on your hair and also making sure to keep a leave-in conditioner in

    ~don’t wash your hair every day, i try to wash my hair a maximum of three times a week, not because I’m dirty, but because washing your hair every day is stripping your hair of the natural oils your scalp produces, making more dry, frizzy, hair that’s prone to breakage. if you have hair that’s more on the greasy side then just make sure to invest in a dry shampoo

    ~you’d be surprised, but the shampoo and conditioner makes all the difference. cheap shampoo and conditioners tend to be watered down with lots of detergents and harsh chemicals that can affect the delicate ph of your hair. so next time your stylist recommends a shampoo/conditioner that might be a little bit on the pricier side don’t turn it down right away, I’m telling you that little splurge will make all the difference (i recently bought shampoo and conditioner that cost me 40 bucks and it lasted 6 months)

    ~try to relax on the heat, a natural look is very in right now so put down the blow drier/straightener/curling iron/whatever for a couple days a week and give your hair a breather, your hair will thank you for it

    ~TAKE YOUR VITAMINS, I can’t stress this to people enough, not many people today have the time or patience to eat a balanced healthy diet, and sometimes it shows in your hair, so prenatal vitamins work wonders, or if you just want to see results in your hair, biotin, I’ve heard so many people praise this, but keep in mind it makes hair grow EVERYWHERE

    ~lastly, test out some home remedies, like mayonnaise and egg, etc. they’ve been known to work wonders, just do your research and i’m sure it’s guaranteed to work wonders

    if none of these work, and you still want those long locks, just get extensions, but make sure to talk to your stylist about which one is right for you – I hope these helped!

  18. Tresemme Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Conditioner.

    Seriously. Get it. It’s like $6 each and amazing. I have SUPER thick hair and the conditioner is rich enough to chill out my locks. Both shampoo and conditioner have B12 and Gelatin — which both make hair AND nails grow like crazy and super strong!

  19. i also do not think fp should be giving supplement advice. unless you are a licensed health coach, you should be a little more cautious with suggesting things to ingest.

  20. Thinkaboutit and XX – Biotin is a perfectly safe vitamin that you can buy anywhere, it is not prescription…Also, it is just advice. Therefore, as a free thinking individual I think you (and everyone else) can decide for yourself whether to take it or not.

  21. Use professional products! I am a hairstylist my self and Kristen gave great advice. If you use heat always use heat protectant and always use an oil like Moroccan oil or Paul Mitchell styling treatment oil. They are light weight so they won’t make your hair greasy or weighed down like olive oil or coconut. Drink lots of water!!!!

  22. Hello, how are you? I am an avid reader of the blog and I was delighted with these tips. Tell me, as I live in Portugal, when they want to buy products from other countries, use the amazon. You advise me to use to buy this supplement? How many pills did you take per day?

    kiss Barbara

  23. Coconut oil! The kind you get at the grocery store for cooking :) Seriously, it’s a well-kept secret and a natural moisturizer. Just root-to-tip 20 minutes a day, a few times a week!

  24. all you people who have had success with biotin I am jealous. I have been taking it for a year and it hasd done nothing. I get my hair cut regularly messges my scaple do all tha things I am supposed to do. The more I get it trimmed the shorter it looks. I now don’t go as often to get it trimmed. What can I do to get my hair to grow?

  25. All of these girls have perfectly straight, long hair.
    My hair is incredibly curly. Especially in humidity. It’d be great if us curly haired girls had something to relate to.

  26. Jessica – The girls in the photos all work in our office — many of them have long, straight/wavy hair. These tips are for all hair types! You can certainly do all of these steps no matter if your hair is curly, straight, long, or short! :)

  27. The vitamin Hair, Skin and Nails in the supplement aisle also works. I donated 17.5 inches of my hair in 2010. Previously below my waist, the cut took it to my chin. I have naturally curly hair so it shrunk up like little orphan annie. (My hair is red). By 2012 it had only hit right at my shoulder blades. I started taking Hair, Skin and nails once daily and doing deep scalp treatments of honey, lemon juice, mixed with pure olive oil.1Tblsp each. Then using a cheap (suave, tres semme, vidal sasson) shampoo and conditioner every 3 days

  28. And washing my hair only at night before bed. In 6 months time my hair grew about a foot. In the 10 months i have been doing this my hair went from my shoulders to my below my waiist (straightened it is mid butt). Do it will work. As everyone said already try not to use a lot of heat. Dries out your hair. Dont keep it in a pony all the time. Causes breakage. And i dont have the youth factor as so many others do. I am 47. So taking the extra supplement is even better. Keep your body hydrated. Cut back on junk food. The healthier you are, the healthier your hair will be and the more likely it will be to grow. :)

  29. Great advice! A lot of folks tend to try and find some miracle cure for this, when the best thing you can do is to make sure to eat healthy, hydrate, and prevent damage to your hair in the first place

  30. Thanks for this – I would recommend Viridian’s Ultimate Beauty Complex as it’s got Iron, Vit C, Biotin, Horsetail etc, all super for hair and skin. I take two a day.

    I am sadly at that annoying stage where the ends creep past my armpits and decide to wither – I can’t help but reach the scissors! But I want it to my waist :-( The rest of it is mega strong and shiny though!

    I never blow dry / straighten, always do overnight oil treatments and use Aveda shampoo & conditioner. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to just let it grow!

  31. I just want to through a word of caution in here – I recently tried taking biotin to help my hair grow. I thought nothing could go wrong, since there’s no known toxicity. Unfortunately, about a week later I realized that the biotin was what was causing my sudden and mysterious acne, anxiety, stomach pains, and diarrhea! So be aware! It helps a lot of people, but even vitamins and supplements that are harmless can still be rather uncomfortable for some : )

  32. a few things I do to keep my hair shiny and healthy (and long), is take supplements and apply a scalp treatment. I also wash my hair once a week and when I do, I first start by applying eucalyptus oil to the scalp. This oil is very good for all of the senses, since it carries a pretty strong minty scent. It’s also good to breathe it in as you’re applying since it invigorates the senses. Furthermore, as you apply the eucalyptus oil to your scalp, you can feel it working. The oil begins to tingle your scalp, leaving it minty fresh and prepping it for the shampoo and rinse. I do this and I also apply olive/tea tree oil to the scalp. This helps to replenish lost moisture in your hair. I had tried biotin in the past, but I have had a bad reaction to it, and even though it was yielding desired results of longer hair, I soon had to stop. In place of biotin, I take vitamin C and fish oil daily and I have seen a significant improvement in my hair as far as texture, strength and length. Also, staying hydrated is very important. I drink lots of green tea and stay away from sugary drinks. Finally, contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to wash your hair every day or every other day. Although every person is different, once a week will suffice.

  33. My best piece of advice is “PRENATAL VITAMINS” This is the only thing that has worked for me. I have curly hair and I am sure this can work for anyone or any hair type. Prenatal vitamins or at least the one I took Rx only has lots of nutrients including Biotin. I am still taking them and so far my hair keeps growing, I just need to take care of some split ends :-( oh well I wish I could have it all but in life doesn’t always work that way…but as far as helping your hair grow this has been the best thing for me.

    Good luck!

  34. Hello every one i am DR OPINGO i have been into hair spell for the past 47 years, my grand father thought me how to make the cream for long and thick hair before he pass away, my hair cream is 100% guarantee and it work fast, it take three weeks to have your hair back when you start using my cream, email me so that i show you some sample of my hair cream, once again thank you people out there for sharing my testimony online keep it up and my gods will continue to bless you.

  35. Nobody seems to know how to make curly hair look good and get long, so will following these steps make it grow as fast as straight hair?

  36. Honestly not gonna lie. I hate my hair. But lately ive been taking cold showers and having omega3 or fishoils and it helps my scalp with its daily vitamins and all have a protein shake (bananas,blueberries,almond milk,protein mix) my hair got a little longer im gonna keep it up and see what happens.
    My science teacher also told me that takkng to much vitamins and proteins wont help because the body eliminates the extra vitamins and protein it dosnt need.

  37. Hello. I am 15 almost 16 years old. I had cut my hair up to my chin when I was 11 years old. My hair is now barely past my shoulders. I converted to Apostolic~Pentecostal about 2 years ago. Is there any way I could help my hair with out trimming it? Cutting my hair in any way(trimming as well) is against my religion and I don’t want to go against it. Please feel free to email me any advice or ways to help it grow at:

  38. hey my name is robbie i have now been takeing biotin for 6 months i have seen so many changes with my hair and also my legs are alot more harryer my hair is now 2 too 3 inces long it is also very shiny and looks more colorful i have light brown hair its mostly curly as most of you were saying and also i feel so much more stofter on all areas of my skin however its more vibrant and more like glowing type skin i have very tan skin i am 50 percent aribic and a quater of german also a quarter of american i live in jacksonville florda i love biotin its changed all of my looks its the best thing ever envented godbless all of you all and i really hope you all also can get the same changes like i did bye the way i am not a girl i am a male age 22 thanks too good luck my freinds

  39. COCONUT OIL THATS IT!!!!!!! as long as it’s vergin it is the polenesian women’s secret to keeping their gray hair away to make their black hair stay black. I SWEAR by it I have highlighted hair & it feels like MAGIC every time I use it. Once a week put it all over scalp & hair brush it with colmb gently so all hair gets it n either leave it go 30min or over night with a bag or cap n wash it off with clarifying shampoo like Joico or any other one n style u get a lot of VOLUME!!!! Saved my hair. U can use it to wash make up off n as a lotion on skin.

  40. Any tips for greasy hair it’s only gotten greasy since taking my prescribed tablets any good shampoos n conditioners I could use?

  41. Dear Dr.,

    I am 22 year old girl and have severe hair fall and hair thinning problem, which worsens with the use of oil or any other products. I read about your cream. Please give me your website details or any other details so that I can contact you.

    thank you!

  42. Dear Dr.,

    I am 22 year old girl and have severe hair fall and hair thinning problem, which worsens with the use of oil or any other products. I read about your cream. Please give me your website details or any other details so that I can contact you.

    Please help me

    thank you!

  43. Dear Dr. opingo,

    I am 22 year old girl and have severe hair fall and hair thinning problem, which worsens with the use of oil or any other products. I read about your cream. Please give me your website details or any other details so that I can contact you.

    thank you!

  44. I’m curious to find out what blog platform you have been working with?
    I’m having some minor security issues with my latest website and I’d like to
    find something more risk-free. Do you have any recommendations?

  45. I have curly hair and take a handful of vitamin every day. And my hair grew 3″ in like 3 months. I wash my hair every other day and
    use all types of products from the hair stylist to maintain the frizz. I take biotin 1000-5000 mcg, b-complex, and vitamin c, vitamin d3, and also give myself a b 12 shot monthly. Hope this help. I also have rosesa.

  46. I love your advice, whether curly hair or straight it is good advice. I also use the oils like avocado and almond and massage my scalp daily. I add lemon essential oil to my ovation or conditioner weekly sometimes I trade lemon for peppermint..mmmm sooo soothing lol

  47. For some time now I have been experimenting with natural and organic remedies. I have now for some time encouraged new growth on what was my 85% bald head. I am absolutely ecstatic, I feel that I must be the only man in the world that can regrow my hair naturally. I have encouraged two other people to try this product and it is also working for them with new hair growth My wife and her friend also used this product in place of shampoo, and it has a nice effect, the hsir is healthy and shiny, even more it appears to be reducing the grey hairs, firstly it was making the grey hairs not so wiry, softening them up ,after a couple of uses we couldn’t believe our eyes they were definitely “less Grey” and returning to their original hair colour. This is a truthful and honest statement. Can anybody advise me to turn this into a commercial product,. I am based in Western Australia

  48. 1- Find a product to promote, something you feel passionate about and that you know people will want to
    buy it. These pre-computed numbers, hold on in a very giant information bank for millions or URLs on the net.
    But it seems Memorial Day wasn’t important enough to

  49. Well, i agree 100% but at first i never understood the reason why we trim our ends now i understand about the stocking demonstration, so when i take my braid out i should trim or dust my end from preventing breakage.

  50. i have been using a leave in conditioner, I use Argan oil on my hair to keep the ends from drying out, less breakage. I have also stopped using a brush, only a wide tooth comb for this lady. I also wear my hair up and in braids to reduce mechanical damage from pocketbook, etc. and the most successful thing that has helped me grow my hair longer is I have sworn off the salon. My boyfriend trims my hair and when he does, there is barely anything on the floor versus the pile I lost when the so-called pro took off five inches when I asked for just an inch off. I think that has been the biggest factor, because I am keeping my hard earned growth, not paying someone to sabotage it.

  51. sir
    ,whether biotin is helpful for growth of hair in the front side baldness.
    please explain. howlong will take to new growth

  52. Try to use BrowEffect Serum which is work for eyebrow growth also it’s work on hair.i also using that same product for my hair growth trust now i got big and smooth hair naturally

  53. am a nigerian girl i relaxed my hair after 6 months and my hair have been a mess am having breakage and it’s not growing, it’s short, dry and strong not even up to my ears what do you suggest

  54. This might sound weird. Since i was 15 i have been conditioning my hair with 1/2 cup of mayonnaise and a squeeze of mustard every time I wash it I massage it in put on a plastic cap and let it sit for 15mins the longer the longer my hair grows. In August I cut off all my sides and back and only had the front right side which came to my shoulders. Then at the beginning of Oct I chopped it all off and was just faded now it’s Jan my hair is to my shoulders again I wash it twice sometimes once a week and only use cooking olive oil in my hair it is very healthy and I take no vitamins I also haven’t had any breakage. If this helps I am black not mixed with anything and I trim my hair every 2 weeks sometimes at day 10 bc it grows so fast. The longest my hair has grown was past my bust but i prefer short hair I’m now 30

  55. For anyone who is reading this now, beware of biotin. Some people are already describing some of the side effects above. I wanted super long hair as much as the next gal and tried whatever I could get my hands on. This included biotin. It is super cheap and very effective, but the only side effect was that my hair was shedding at an unnatural rate. It would literally fall out in fistfuls. I was becoming very scared, because I thought I was going to lose all of my hair and didn’t know how to stop it. This was three days after I started biotin supplements, and already my hair had lost about an inch diameter of thickness. I had to go to my doctor to figure out what I could do (I know, it may be silly, but I couldn’t bear the thought of my hair all falling out) and what she told me was that I already had enough of the vitamins that biotin supplemented. By taking the pills, I was created an unreal concentration in my body of it and therefore was experiencing the hair shed. Eventually, my hair built back up to its original thickness, but not before I ditched biotin all together and decided to take more healthy measures in order to grow my hair. For instance, I wouldn’t wash it as often. This was kind of gross for me at first because I’m still a teenager and therefore still going through puberty so my hair still gets oily quickly. I had to find the right shampoo for me (which is Herbal Essences) and learned that if I put a thick headband on and tied my hair away from my face with a scrunchy at night, I could go at least one or two days without shampooing. I also drank water, and lots of it. I never thought this would benefit me as much as it did, but it really worked. I ditched heat altogether. I haven’t cut my hair in about eight months and have no split ends. My hair has also grown about six or seven inches. As listed above, I also massage my scalp. This feels so good after a stressful day at school or work. Pure Heaven, y’all. The only vice I have is that my hair is so thick and long that it holds water in for so long after I shower that I have no choice but to tie it in a towel. I still haven’t had split ends, though. Just a few tips for anyone who wants long hair as much as I did and will do anything to get it! Research, research, research!!!! Know what will work for you!

  56. My hair is past my knee and I am one twelve years old and have never gotten a hair
    Cut. No I am not going to donate it. Write back to this l.

  57. My hair is about right below my armpit my hair hair is straight and blonde.I do not want to take pills just to get my hair to There anyway NATURAL way I can grow my hair really long fast.please email me back!!!

  58. i agree with XX, and i let my hair grow out since i got it cut, for over 2 years, and it is almost down to my butt,but my mom wont let me have biotin, but im gonna keep bugging her, hope it works! ;) :)

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  60. If you don’t want to or can’t take Biotin in a supplement form you can just try to eat more biotin rich foods for example peanuts, eggs, most berries, and so many more you can research it.
    To grow your hair you also don’t have to cut it every couple weeks. I’m not a professional but I have a friend who’s hair is quite long and she hardly ever cuts her hair. If you worry about split ends and such there is many natural hair masks you can make. Eggs and olive oil is one I use and after my first use there was a noticeable difference as in my hair was more soft and shiny.
    Hope this helps.

  61. Biotin & prenatal vitamins has defo worked for me mu hair has grew around 3 inch in 3 months.. After having a baby my hair line started falling out & hair became thin & frail.. I love biotin n so far have no side affects. I also use pure coconut oil on the tips of my hair after shampooing & use a little tea tree oil amongst my shampoo n massage into my hair! Also biotin is great for nail growth!

  62. Hey my name is Samantha and I’ve been using Suave for like a couple weeks now Well more than a couple weeks and I totally love it everybody should try it I use the gold bottle and I get it at Walmart my hair with her short almost long is not long long but it’s getting there it’s almost past my shoulders like Halfway but not all the way everybody should try Suave and everybody should also try coconut milk so you have to soak your hair in coconut milk for a couple minutes I tried using Pantene for over a couple weeks and it didn’t even work so people that use pants hanging I hope you realize some of its not going to work for your hair and you should avoid using straightener and curling iron because it will damage your hair completely and you will get split ends I’m telling the truth on everything so I just hope you know that Oh and by the way I’m Samantha from chico ca

  63. i want long hair so i can look much more beauitful so my classmates wont laugh me with my short hair thats why i want long long afro hair

  64. I use horse shampoo it is good I just started using it again I want long hair again I miss it

  65. Nice post….
    Thanks for sharing these tips :)

    I agree scalp massage is very important for the growth of hair and for its smooth texture.

    Another tip which i want t share – when your mane is wet you should never yank at any tangles instead you want to gently separate them with you’re a wide toothed comb or your fingers.

  66. I have used coconut oil in the shower. I don’t buy the oil for hair, I actually use the kind that used for cooking. I usually need to rewash the next day, but it works great at making my hair feel soft.

  67. please please and please where can I get a biotin in Nigeria please I need an answer please any body?

  68. Thanks for sharing this informative post!!
    There are actually a number of things you can do to ensure that your hair grows at the maximum possible rate, that includes Proper diet, nourishment etc and of course , good hair products .

  69. hello Dr Opingo, I am 29 yr old and I am experiencing excessive hair fall. I have grey hair from many years and I have always applied henna for coloring my hair. I used hair color for the first 4-5 months back and after that hairfall has become has an untreatable problem. please help me out.

  70. You should try the Lady Soma Vitamin Hair Boost – I just used it for one month and its the best product for hair growth. I started to see results in the first week and just finished 1 month. My hair has been growing like crazy and has stopped falling out! The texture and thickness is incredible. I highly recommend it.

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