Home Decor Inspiration: Washed Ashore

With our Washed Ashore e-book online this week, we’re all feeling that sun-faded beach vibe – and today I wanted to share some inspiration for incorporating the beach into your home décor. I’m always very wary of beach décor because oftentimes it can read as tacky, but when done right, it can add a romantic, cool, summery touch to your home. The key is to keep it rough and tattered (instead of pristine and perfectly placed), and to be sure not to overdo it on the seashells – just some touches here and there. With that in mind, I created a washed ashore wall hanging to go along with our June e-book!

Beach decor

Twig wall hanging

hells on burlap

Ribbons, hand, jewelry

Beachy twig wall hanging

Little shells, green wood floor

nging ribbons

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nicely done Bridgette – it’s beautiful…!

I love it! So pretty!


can you post a tutorial?


I want this top! It is so pretty, do you sell it?


Or if not a tutorial could you just post a list of materials. I cannot figure out what that mesh stuff is. Everything else I’ve seen in craft stores.


what happens when it rains


A tutorial would be so fantastic for this! I understand it’s basically placing sporadically but guidelines and materials used would be amazing!

How beautifully you made it! How this creative idea comes in your mind? Looking Fabulous…..


Love this… did something similar by crocheting stretched pattern, and adding beads… don’t know if I still have it… never thought anyone would think so similar to my ideas. Love that! Love Art! & your project!

Looking different and unique. Colour combination is excellent to capture the attention of others. Thumbs up on your different work.

Fabulous….. Tutorial can help us to make such type of wonderful washed ashore wall hanging.

I eally love this, is so inspiring!