Join Our Team! We’re Looking For A Social-Savvy Specialist

We’re looking for a creative and organized Social Media Specialist who can capture our brand in 140 characters or less. Check out a day in the life below, and click here for more detail about the opening!

Could this be you….?

8:15AM: You pull into Navy Yard Campus and park your car (or bike).

8:30AM: Stop into Jharoka for coffee and fruit to kick start your day, though you can’t help but eye up all of those yummy pastries.

8:40AM: Sit down at your desk and get organized for the day ahead. Don’t forget to visit your favorite office pup on your way in!


9:05AM: Review the daily content schedule and make sure that your posts are ready to go. The Facebook fans will be so excited to see the new color in those Jeffrey Campbell Boots — you can’t wait to share the news with them!

9:45AM: Skim through and answer questions from fans & followers. Wait. Did Daisy Lowe mention us on Twitter yesterday? Love her! Retweet!

11AM: Time to meet with the marketing team and start thinking about fun ways to share upcoming products and news on Social Media.

12PM: Lunch time! Today’s featured salad at 543 is calling your name. Enjoy the summer weather by sitting outside on a blanket and catching up with your co-workers!


12:45PM: Take a look back at yesterday’s content — which posts got the most love? You’re always on the lookout for ways to keep our fans & followers excited and inspired!

1:30PM: You have the inside track on Free People’s upcoming products and trends, so you start to build a calendar for next week’s posts — next week’s lookbook images are amazing.

2:30PM: Yikes! It looks like someone’s order shipped to the wrong address. You follow up with the customer service team to make sure that everything is taken care of right away.

3:00PM: Snack time! What’s the special today: Philly pretzels or a $0.85 latte?

3:30PM: FP Me: You peruse through the recently uploaded pics to find your favorites. Which photos inspire you? How can you share them on social media?

fp me heart

4:30PM: You check in on the Twitter feed — #MyFirstAlbum is trending? Yes! What a great way to talk about FP Julia’s latest music post!

6:00PM: It’s time to wind down.  You check in to make sure that all of the fans and followers have been answered and you eyeball your morning checklist one last time to make sure you’re all set. Looks good. On your way out, say goodnight to your co-workers (both people and pups) and hit the road just in time for an evening yoga class — tomorrow will be another fun day!

If this sounds like you – click here for more info and to apply!


  1. This is the sweetest job posting ever! I wish more companies would post “a day in your life” when looking for applicants! I wish I was a social media maven because this job sounds AWESOME!! xo

  2. Most exciting job description I’ve ever seen! Whoever gets this post will be soo lucky! Thanks for letting us know the insides of your job. I so love the lunch time scene ♥

  3. Dream job <3 I wish I could sell my house and move to Philadelphia and work in your office! But unfortunately the commute from Virginia would be a little too far.

  4. The perfect job, just wish I didn’t live in the UK. Love Free People (awaiting delivery as I write), love writing (written for Vogue, Elle, Harpers, Marie Claire), love fashion, love social media. There said it!

  5. I am a Philadelphia native, and absolutely loving this post. I am a bit gutted because I am currently located in Manchester, doing this same exact type of thing for a UK handbag company. It would be a dream to work for you- hopefully when I return home after university I could work with you…

    All the best!

  6. Hello! I just moved to Southern California about a month ago, and will be moving into LA this fall when I start my MSW at USC. I would love to join the team when I’m in the area if there are any openings you might need help with!! Please tell me if there is or where I can look.

    Thanks :)

  7. I currently live in Chicago, but this is a job that would make me excited to relocate! I love Free People and working as Social Media Specialist for such an exciting company is a dream job (as many others have pointed out in the comments). Just submitted my application and hope I’ll be hearing back soon!

  8. I want to cry, this is everything and more that I want to do!! But I’m in Norcal… You ladies do such an amazing job!!!! Very proud to be a small part at @freepeoplepaloalto. #fplivin lol

  9. This job would be perfect for me! Unfortunately, I’m a Spanish girl who is going to move to Edinburgh. If you need a girl who speaks spanish and loves your brand, let me know!

    anyway here is my website, just in case :p

  10. This sounds absolutely amazing! dream job alert!! If only college graduation wasn’t three years away. One day I hope I can join the FP home team! Till then, I’ll keep styling FP girls in VA ;)

  11. Same and I’m 18 and studying to be a social media specialist… Think you’ll have the opening in Four years this time lol?

  12. Stellar job description. :) I cannot even begin to imagine the caliber of creative professional FP probably attracts.

    I for one would LOVE to see a job description like this for the Japanese Marketing Manager:

    It sounds insanely cool, yet seems to be aiming for a pretty specific demographic with the language preferences – could be a great one to advertize like this on the blog!
    And for the rest of us travel-minded but not native-Japanese-speakers, it’s a GREAT heads-up for what we might expect in the future as the brand expands globally. For someone who loves Free People and has also lived in Asia and loves the fashion there, the idea of Free People expanding its market to that part of the world is exciting! :-)

  13. How sweet! This post makes me so confident in the industry I’ve decided to work in. I cannot wait to graduate in May & get started (hopefully it will be at a brand I love as much as Free People.) In the meantime please peep at where I share my thoughts on things like fashion, social media, and surfing dates!

  14. just applied. no experience, but super driven, relatively intelligent and decently quick wit. i hope i am at least considered. i need to change the path of my river.

  15. I am three classes short of my bachelors in journalism and am finishing up in the fall! Does this automatically disqualify me?

  16. The one time I wish I didn’t live in the Pacific Northwest. Le sigh. (move here, please. Or just open another shop not 90 minutes from me)

  17. I am two classes away from completing my Bachelors in Marketing. I will graduate September 23rd. Am I eligible for this position? *fingers crossed*

  18. What a perfect day!!! You know what they say, if you do what you love…you’ll never have to work a day in your life!? This job is perfect for me! I’m a Free People lover and I am more than savvy with social media! I lived in Philly for four years during college and fell in love! I would love to be considered for this job! <3 It would be a dream come true! <3

  19. LOVE. Hopefully the position is still up for grabs, I think I would be the perfect fit! I’ve just submitted my updated resume and cover letter… fingers crossed! :) Had the pleasure of hearing Holly Devine from Urban Outfitters speak at the Etail East Conference just this morning, sounds like a great corporation to be a part of!

  20. This is cool. i have always wanted to work for FP. better finish my degree soon and heads off to Philadelphia :)

  21. Here is my feedback using Universe LLC Division of labor – Universe LLC says they have a trained group of English speaking aides that are assigned to be especially good at specific tasks. Scales very well – Unlimited tasks for $59 a month.  They have other plans for businesses and groups who need dedicated, 6 day a week aides that I did not try out – but it’s available as an option.  For businesses and groups (or I guess an individual, if you really need this much help), a dedicated aide available 9 hours a day, 6 days a week, costs $950 per month – very cheap, about $4 an hour. Progress for multiple tasks can be tracked via their dashboard. Setting different priorities for tasks is possible.  Reprioritization may be difficult since I think once a task is begun, all I can do is cancel or wait for it to be completed.  Reprioritization of non-completed tasks is possible, via Skype/email/dashboard.

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