How To Macrame (And Create A Wall Hanging!)

I’ve always loved macrame and its intricate beauty, but whenever I think about trying it, it just seems to complicated and difficult. It’s true that the more complex forms of macrame can take hours of practice and even years to fully master. But don’t let that deter you! Some of the basic macrame knots are actually not difficult to learn, and once you get the hang of it you can make some really beautiful things with it. Read on to learn how to macrame, and make a beautiful wall hanging with it!

how to macrame

All you need for this project is some rope and a stick! I got my rope from Home Depot – it’s cotton/polyester and 1/8″ thick. You can use even thicker rope for macrame, but I liked this width.

how to macrame

Cut your string into as many pieces as you would like to use – I used 10 total pieces – of equal length. I made mine about 4 feet long each, which probably wasn’t necessary, but I didn’t want to run out of rope! Fold each piece in half so that you have a loop on one end, as pictured above left.

how to macrame

Loop each piece around your stick as pictured.

how to macrame

how to macrame

The first knot I used is the square knot.  You’ll use four strands to create this knot.  Take the strand on the left, and place it over the middle two, and under the right-hand strand.  Simultaneously, take the right hand strand and tuck it under the middle two.

how to macrame

Tuck the end of the far-right strand through the loop created by the left-hand strand.

how to macrame

Pull the outer strands to tighten the knot. Repeat this step with the same four strands, starting again with the strand on the left. When you tighten again, you’ll see that the strands have formed a square knot:

how to macrame

how to macrame

You can connect the strands next to each other by taking the four center pieces of rope and doing another square knot!

how to macrame

how to macrame

You can do an alternate version of the square knot by following the same steps as above, but instead of repeating the first step again from the left side, make the second knot from the right side. This creates the little loop seen above. Keep alternating this step for as long as you want — this is also a great way to make a macrame bracelet!

how to macrame

how to macrame

The last type of knot I did was a simple figure eight knot – I love how this looks with the rope.

how to macrame

how to macrame

As a finishing touch, I attached some feathers and trinkets to the end of each strand with some craft wire.

how to macrame

I love how this came out and I can’t wait to learn more macrame! Have any of you tried it? Send us photos at, we’d love to see!

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Very beautiful!

This looks RAD!!! Very funky :)

Very cool! I’m just working on teaching myself about knotting hemp jewelry!

Hey! this looks like a cool way to jazz up your room well I have another way to do so with a DIY on bunting banners check it out :

Love this, need to try it soon! Check out my appreciation post on Twiggy guys ☯

Wow!!! Very beautiful!


Hey Julia, thanks for the tutorial! How long was your finished piece?


Great DIY.
I have a ton of this laying around (my grandma gave me a bag of macrame). Now I know what to do with it.

great DIY! check out my DIY on what to do with old cards!!!


I’d suggest for the next tutorial you use a contrasting background. Otherwise – nice job! Can’t wait to try and recreate it.

Check out my macrame jewelry! It is free people inspired.

Check this page out! You’ll fall in love! very free people inspired jewelry. Perfect to wear with layers! <3


I have that kind of string at home and didn’t know what to use it for but now I know what I’m going to use it for.


Greetings, I think your creations are beautiful. When you said that you created them from rope from Home Depot, I smiled because I have found the same situation to occur when looking for cord and rope from Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Michaels and have not found cord then going to Home Depot and seeing this wonderfully colored rope and falling in love with it. I guess it does not matter what the source is as long as one can find the proper materials. I look forward to making more macrame with rope.

Best of luck in your work,


i am doing this right now, and 4 feet is too small. is the rope supposed to be 8 feet?

I am so bummed, been reading this over and over again. The mistake was 4 feet. It should of been 4 yards!!!!


In your store displays, how did you make the vertical fringed ropes connect to the horizontal rope strand that connects all of them together? And did you make them with the same type of rope that you got at Home Depot? Thanks!


i am sheetal..i live in india..
i love to learn to do new crafts..
this is beautiful..
what material ropes do you suggest to use for make macrame wall hanging?
can we use any other color?and what is the lenght?
waiting to hear from you
thanking you..

its lovely..

Love the fringe and feathers at the end. Nice details!


love this. i have been making a larger scale wall hanging with alternating square knots. do you have any tips for how to stop it coming/pulling in at the sides?


always measure your rope 3 times the size you want your length of project when finished! I am starting a similar piece today I don’t even measure unless it’s something like a lets say a frog that holds a towel and soap then yea have to I am cutting 20 cords ( for width ) at least room length long to make a wall hanging for all my birds to climb on! I am using hemp rope so if they chew on it it won’t hurt them! I love using natural ropes and hemp rather than nylon even if pattern… Read more »

so awesome, can’t believe it!
i will absolutely try this after my exams are done!

I’d suggest for the next tutorial you use a contrasting background. Otherwise – nice job! Can’t wait to try and recreate it.

Mavis Baidoo

I want the materials, steps to make bag,purse,necklace \fascinator earring