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Summer and good music go hand in hand…there’s nothing better than going for a drive with the windows down and good music on the radio, or relaxing outside with a cool drink in hand and good tunes playing in the background. Here are three new albums that I love right now — what are you currently listening to? Share in the comments!


Cayucas, Bigfoot

I can already tell this will be one of my most listened-to albums of the summer. I first heard about them from Rdio, when I was hanging out with them down at SXSW. They told me to check out this band, who sounded a little bit like Tanlines but better, with a fun, summery Beach Boys vibe. Sold. I checked them out immediately and haven’t stopped listening since. It’s the perfect summer music – upbeat, fun, and yes, there is definitely a Beach Boys vibe. When I listen to it I almost feel like I need to be at the beach, with a tropical drink in hand and sand between my toes, watching the waves crash and burn. The video for “Cayucos” is adorable as well — it reminds me of Moonrise Kingdom, and there’s even some Free People in it! Who can spot the FP item?

CAYUCAS // CAYUCOS from Nolan Wilson Goff on Vimeo.
the national

The National, Trouble Will Find Me

The National is one of my favorite bands, so I was beyond excited to finally get some time to listen to their new album Trouble Will Find Me. I don’t think it’s possible for The National to do something I don’t like – especially with singer Matt Berninger’s beautifully deep, rich baritone. However, I will say that if you’re looking for the intense, rocking side of The National heard on songs like “Abel,” “Mistaken For Strangers” or the oldie-but-oh-so-goodie “Slipping Husband,” you won’t find it here. Berninger, who is known for being incredibly anxious and self-deprecating, seems to be much more confident in his music now. It is smooth, perfectly orchestrated, and beautiful to listen to – some of my favorites so far are “Sea of Love” and “Pink Rabbits.” But I can’t help but wish that there was something on the album with a little bit more edge to it, something that would make me get up and dance to when seeing them live. It is, however, a gorgeous album and a great one to listen to while relaxing outside this summer. If you live in the Philly area, you’ll get your chance this Friday when they play at the Mann Center with opening act Dirty Projectors! Tickets are still available here.

daft punk

Daft Punk, Random Access Memories

I’ve never been a huge Daft Punk fan. When I think of their music the only thing that comes to mind is the dance hit “One More Time,” which reminds me of London nightclubs from my time spent studying abroad. Their return with the album Random Access Memories has generated a ton of buzz, so I decided to give it a shot. After listening, I can understand the hype. It’s electronic but not in the overwhelming sense, and has strong pop undertones, especially in some of its numerous collaborations like “Instant Crush” with Julian Casablancas and “Get Lucky” with Pharrell Williams. The latter is completely irresistible and sure to be one of the songs of the summer. It’s a fresh comeback and definitely one worth listening to!

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  1. Loving this summer playlist!!

    Ive currently been obsessing over Crystal Fighters. Their new album “Cave Rave” is amazing! Also check out their prev album “Star of Love”

    I also have Freedom Fry on repeat. Their cover of “Bonnie & Clyde” is just perfect!

    Jennifer :-)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I always get the best new music recommendations from the FP blog, so it was quite exciting to see this post! (p.s. I spotted the Fitted With Daisies Dress on the video!)
    Halfway to Harmony

  3. I was just listening to Trouble Will Find Me! I love it so much and I can’t wait to see The National at Bonnaroo!!

  4. The new QOSTA album is AMAZING.. a masterpiece. Putting it out there.. album of the year and we still have 6 months to go.

  5. I am currently obsessing over the and “Dresses”- an Indie band from Portland. & a new band called “Team” that’s only released one song but is a band composed of “veterans” that have success in their other bands. They’re keeping it a secret for a while! I think they’ll be huge.

  6. The National is all we listen to in our household! Trouble Will Find Me is one of my favorites by far!

  7. I accidently found the music of the Drums and every single song is like new smile on my face. So awesome!

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