Neighbor: Our New Short Film Starring Daisy Lowe

In Neighbor, our newest short film, Daisy Lowe plays the sexy girl next door trying to reel in a cute boy, played by Jacques Naude, who lives in a building across the way. This cheeky love story features the UK model/actress putting in a good deal of effort to appear effortlessly beautiful. She aims to get the mysterious neighbor’s attention through their city window, with a few funny mishaps along the way. The short is a quirky take on the best way to find love… by simply being yourself.

What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done for love?

Shop the items featured in the film.

Featuring: Daisy Lowe and Jacques Naude
Shot By: Carlos Veron
Edited By: Ryan McKenna, The Mill
Music By: Gina Cimmelli
Creative Direction: Free People and Brody Baker for SWG
Directed By: Jonathan Doe and Guy Aroch
Art By: Kara Northcut and Andrea Huelse
Makeup: Deanna Hagan

Shop the items featured in the film.

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8 years ago

SO CUTE! I love it

8 years ago

This is so incredibly adorable!!
MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

8 years ago

ahhhh omg I love this!

8 years ago

this was cute haha and kind of on the humorous side!

8 years ago

Do you guys sell the kimono/tassel jacket she is wearing during summer?? I’m in LOVE! Cute video!

Sophia Castano
8 years ago

I loved it XD

8 years ago

Love this!! Reminds me of how I met my husband…on a plane coming home from Miami. We sat next to each other on the plane and talked the whole way home : ) I knew it was love as soon as I got off that plane…we just got married in October.

8 years ago

Whomever thought to being Daisy Lowe together with Free People deserves a raise. She’s the PERFECT choice. Bravo!

8 years ago

Love the video direction, music and the clothes!!

8 years ago

Oh, the things we do for love. ;)

8 years ago

This reminds me of my first LOVE!!!! How we spent every summer together…and he had to go back for school….he’d come in for the Christmas, Thanksgiving….How I wrote him a letter everyday 365!!!! it’s been 36 years… three years together… good-bye…..I haven’t seen him but not one day has gone by that I don’t think of him….and how much I still LOVE him….maybe some day I’ll run into him….time doesn’t stop for nothing….life is so AWESOME!!!! We were so young….we talked, played spent every waking hour together…I sure do miss him <3

8 years ago

daisy lowe is a delight and the Gina Cimmelli tune is parfait. I love your short films, FP <3

8 years ago

This brought a smile to my day!

8 years ago

Oh cute! How could she not be adorable with a dad like Gavin?

8 years ago

Adorable! Love the song!

8 years ago

it’s a nice change to see somebody with a little bit of curves in one of these videos! :)

8 years ago

LOVE that you used her as a model. so refreshing to see a healthy and gorgeous lady on the website for a change :)

8 years ago
8 years ago

love this!

8 years ago

It reminds me that I have done something for my love before. I think everyone would love to do things that worth for your love.

8 years ago

That is about the cutest video I have ever seen, LOVE it so much!

8 years ago

I read the description and discussion before watching the video and I was really excited by the concept. A clothing company, promoting women’s self-esteem and natural beauty? Sounds too good to be true!

Sadly, it is. The promotion of the video talks about the empowerment of being yourself– but the message portrayed in the video says more “It’s important to be beautiful,” rather than “Who you are is beautiful.”

In the very first glimpse of our female protagonist, she’s awaking gracefully with already-styled hair and makeup and a perfect, serene expression like a disney princess, wearing a sexy lacy nightie. I had expected to see “natural” beauty show up sometime, as per the discussion, but she does not appear at any point in the video wearing anything except sexy, girly, high-end clothing and perfectly styled hair and makeup. Hey, you’re allowed to style your model however y’all like. But she’s a gorgeous model. Did you think dressing her in an oversize tee with no makeup was going to detract from how beautiful she is to viewers? This hypocritical treatment of “natural” beauty says to me (and to young girls already struggling with their self-image) that even a stunning model with perfect body is still not beautiful enough. What a cute, subtle way to make girls everywhere feel horrible about themselves.

What a letdown, Free People.

I know, I know. Delete my critical comment, nobody likes a downer.
Here, have a “positive” part you can leave up if ya like.

8 years ago

Oh my gosh, I love the song in the background? What is it called?

8 years ago

She is so hot

7 years ago

love Gina Cimmelli’s music