Nekter Juice Cleanse Diary

Last week I tried something new: a juice cleanse. The 3-day Nekter Juice Cleanse, to be exact. We’ve talked about juice cleanses here on the blog before, and it’s definitely something I’ve considered doing for a long time now, so I was really excited to take on this challenge. Here I’ll share my experience with the cleanse, and how it helped or affected me overall! Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? Which one? Let us know your thoughts, we would love to hear!

juice cleanse

The 3-day Nekter Juice Cleanse came with the above 6 juices, to be drank in order from left to right each day. I was excited to get started, because the juices looked and sounded amazing.  But, I was met with a challenge right off the bat.  I’m a big coffee drinker – I drink at least 2 large coffees per day, and usually more (especially on a work day). I also have a bad habit of skipping breakfast. I think over the years I’ve conditioned my stomach to reject anything other than coffee before noon. So, drinking this first green drink in the morning turned out to be a bit of a challenge. I just wasn’t used to ingesting that sort of thing early in the morning. It tastes great, don’t get me wrong, but my body felt a little bit confused.

After getting through drink number 1, drink number 2 was a breeze! I love this drink – it’s refreshing, and the cayenne pepper gives it a nice kick. I would drink this even if I wasn’t on a cleanse! I was most nervous about drink number 3. The color is what made me uneasy – however, it tasted far better than it looked and I was relieved.  I knew I would love drink number 4, and I was right – it was definitely my favorite! Very similar to number 2, but with the addition of beets that give it a lovely magenta color.

juice cleanse

I started the cleanse on a Thursday, meaning I was at work while I was doing this.  I started to notice late in the afternoon that my mind was wandering and I was having a really hard time concentrating. I’m not sure if it was due to hunger, because I didn’t feel hungry at that point, or lack of caffeine. Either way, by the time I went home for the day I was feeling a little bit light-headed. Co-workers who have done the cleanse kept telling me to drink a lot of water so I made sure to chug a big glass when I got home before opening up drink number 5. I will confess – I didn’t make it all the way through this drink. My body seemed to  be rejecting any more liquid. I took a little break and then tried the final juice of the day. This doesn’t even really seem like a juice – almost more like milk, and it’s delicious. A perfect way to end a day of the cleanse, and it definitely helped settle my stomach.

juice cleanse

On day two, I woke up feeling good. I had gone to bed pretty early and woke up feeling well rested and with a good amount of energy. The first green juice even went down easy! I felt like I had hit my stride, and this would be a breeze. Drink number 2 was delicious again, and then came drink number 3… and I hit the wall. Not a massive wall, but a small one. My body was telling me that it just didn’t want to drink this juice. The cleanse came with instructions telling you that you can eat certain foods like almonds during the cleanse, so I hurried next door to our cafe who luckily sell them.  The almonds did the trick, and made the juice go down easier.   I felt another burst of energy around mid-afternoon, and my hope was restored that I would make it through this. I went home and finished the remaining drinks, and went to bed feeling good.

juice cleanse

On the final day the headache kicked in.  I woke up feeling slightly out of it, but still not terribly hungry. But an hour or two into the day and I felt a migraine coming on – most likely due to lack of caffeine.  I allowed myself a cup of coffee – mostly because it was a beautiful day and I didn’t want to waste it away lying in bed.  One of the biggest learnings from this experience has been to choose carefully what days you do a cleanse.  I did Thursday – Saturday, which probably wasn’t ideal.  I think I would have preferred to do it earlier in the week.  I would absolutely try it again though. I actually grew pretty fond of a few of the juices, and I’ve definitely noticed myself eating healthier ever since.  I’ve heard many people say this of a cleanse – that it makes you very conscious of everything you put into your body. It’s true. And for me, that is one of the most important learnings. I think this has helped me realize even more, the importance of treating your body well – especially when it comes to how you nourish it.

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear about it!

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10 years ago

I have always been interested in a juice cleanse but the price for three days seems insane to me.

10 years ago

I am very interested in this juice cleanse. I went to the website and it seems like the juices and the order are a little different than what you have here. Which of the 3-day cleanses did you order? And is your list of ingredients complete for each juice? Thanks!

10 years ago

I recently completed the 3 day Nekter cleanse and loved it. Nekter sent me a mixture of the classic, advanced and organic juices to try. I would recommend the classic, if you have never done a cleanse before.
This was my first juice cleanse, and I was surprised how well my body reacted to it! I never felt hungry during the cleanse. The juices were filling and I did eat an avocado wrapped in lettuce each day. The caffeine withdrawal definitely caused the most disruption in my day. Day 2 was my most challenging, however by day 3, I had much more energy and was able to complete a 30 minute bootcamp without an issue.
It’s been a week since the cleanse and I am eating much healthier and more conscious of what goes into my body. It was a great way to kick-start a healthier lifestyle.
Perfect way to begin the summer!

10 years ago

Oh, totally have to try this!!!

10 years ago

Yeah people need to pay something to companies instead of having their own juices at home. That’s more Zen.

10 years ago

I have tried a 5-day juice cleanse reboot from Joe Cross. It was definitely an interesting experience. The first three days were torture. Not eating and watching other members of the family eat was awful. And then imagine sitting next to them with only a green drink in hand. In my opinion back then, green was bad. A drink wasn’t supposed to be green! But after the first day I started to get used to the taste. During the first three days I experienced a lot of fatigue. I had to lie down a few times and take naps. The last two days were great!! I had so much more energy and I was feeling really happy, when before I used to have a lot of anxiety and a few low moments. Now, I’m making sure I eat way more whole live foods and eat no processed foods. I’ve started loving salads (which is a huge obstacle to overcome!) and have continued juicing. Now I juice as a breakfast, snack or addition to a meal. One feels very healthy and fresh drinking these juices (especially ones with cucumber…yum). The only downside to it is that it is VERY expensive. And my entire family does it so multiply it by four. We always get organic fruits and veggies, since we don’t want to ruin the benefits by choosing conventional foods. It’s definitely worth a try though! I recommend it to anyone who wants to change something in their lives to feel better and healthier :)

10 years ago

How many ounces are each of these juices?

10 years ago

I’m sorry but a juice cleanse it not a healthy idea. It’s obvious considering you felt fatigued and you began to have a migraine that you were depriving your body of all the nutrients it needed to survive. Lean proteins, lots of vegetable and no processed foods are your way to be healthy. Being healthy is a lifestyle choice, not a 3 day thing.

10 years ago

I’ve partaken in 3-day juice cleanses, but have a juicer and make my own juices for a fraction of the cost, with local, fresh ingredients. Here is a good one my health coach recommends: Click the links at the end of the post for the recipes, shopping list and other tips. One of my goals is to do a long cleanse and everyone I know who’s completed one had said the first 4-5 days can be brutal, but around day 5 you get that euphoric feeling and keep going until your body tells you it’s time to quit. It does change how things taste and you realize that certain (junk) foods that you thought were really good really aren’t so good. I’ve also been incorporating green juice into my diet every day. As long as you’re meeting your daily caloric requirements, it is perfectly safe. You never want to deprive yourself, so if you’re feeling hungry or have a sweet tooth, drink any freshly made fruit or veggie juice that sounds appealing or have a handful of nuts, such as almonds. Another guilt-free treat is a warm glass of no sugar added almond milk with a little cinnamon and honey! Cheers to juicing!

10 years ago

your information is ery for me, thank’s for your share this post ! good luck ^___^

10 years ago

Special and cute idea it is! It is helpful to me!

10 years ago

I’ve never done a juice cleanse, but I’ve always wanted to try it. My concern is that I have low blood sugar and if I don’t eat several small meals throughout the day I feel very faint. Do you think this would be a problem?

10 years ago

I can’t do a cleanse right now because I am on very strong painkillers due to a nerve injury. When I have healed (hopefully spontaneously, or with the help of surgery) I will try this straightaway. I can’t wait to get all these drugs out of my body… :o( I have to wear an ugly neck brace too, and I am so grateful for the beautiful FP scarves that help me hide it. Really brightens up my day when I put them on. So glad it is winter here in Australia!!!

10 years ago

I did a BluePrintCleanse once and I liked it alot!! First day was hard but after that I felt super awesome just like a great reset from all the bad stuff i was eating before.

10 years ago

i did before they are reliable and affordable than others. I felt really good after my 3 day cleanse. Also they send fresh coconut in their cute package.

10 years ago

could you give us a bit more of the details in this juice cleanse? you gave us the inside scoops of your experience, but im hoping to know more about the juice cleanse so that i can actually try it! :) thank you

8 years ago

I did the same juice cleanse the day after my wisdom tooth surgery! The first day I caved and ate an entire avocado and 3 bowls of soup on the side, the second day my hunger was definitely subdued.. but I still ate half of an avocado, and the third day I ate a quarter of an avocado #progressnotperfection! As an athlete I’m a pretty big eater and I was very skeptical of the cleanse however, waking up on the second day I felt on top of the world. I’ve never had so much energy not drinking caffeine! The third day wasn’t in the original plan, but I wanted to keep the feeling alive and now I can hardly go a day without replacing a meal with a juice! The cleanse really taught me the importance of eating every 2 hours in small meals, you feel refreshed but not stuffed and very energetic throughout the day! It also taught me a lot about my daily cravings, I oscillate between sweet and savory and the alternation between lemonades and green juices fit that perfectly! I would HIGHLY recommend the Nekter juice cleanse to anyone, experienced or not.

I chose to do the 3-day advanced cleanse because I thought the juices sounded delicious and after taking a poll with the Nekter staff it was the more popular choice!

7 years ago

I did the 5 day advanced cleanse. It wasn’t difficult-the drinks are great! Although I was very light-headed on day 5 despite re-introducing light solid foods. I had trouble on day 3 from bloat and not going to the bathroom. I actually felt I couldn’t drink anymore because I felt so full. Overall I feel the same as before (I am a Paleo Vegetarian anyway), but it’s always good to cleanse the colon. I thought maybe my chronic pain would diminish but it hasn’t. That’s my experience.

6 years ago

I had encountered a spinal cord injury 6 years ago from an epidural hitting my spinal cord. I am paralyzed mostly on my left side and have been on nerve pain medicine since. I tried the cleanse and I feel good. I have been having black stool since day 1. Is this because of tall he toxins?

6 years ago

I am starting a cleanse today (Advanced). I have done something similar several times before, so this is not new, but it has been awhile. As I do this I am thinking through the idea of doing a cleanse once a week – like every Friday or something. It would be fun to form a good habit.

Patricia Washington
6 years ago

Doing the 3 days, today was my first day, the drinks don’t taste bad I just think 6 bottles a day is to many…hopefully I will get through the 3rd day

Mary Mauwer
6 years ago

I have been looking into doing a juice cleanse as of late. A dear friend of mine recently juiced for 60 days!! And she lost 100 lbs! Now, her cleanse was advised by her doctor and she was with her every step of the way! Making sure she was getting the proper nourishment and calorie intake and my friend looks and feels better than ever! She uses the product of Juice 2 U here is the website I think it’s great. I am starting to try it out as well.

6 years ago

Great read! Love juicing and kicking Cancer’s butt right now! TY

Jessica St. Amant
5 years ago

Do you have the recipe for drink #6?

4 years ago

I did the 1 day cleanse yesterday with my wife. She is diabetic and by the fouurth drink she started to get hyperglycemic (high blood sugar). When examining the nutritional information on the back we discovered th as t these drinks are loaded with sugar. The average was 28 grams and one even had 42 grams of sugar. There should be a warning label on these drings stating that they shouldnt be used by diabetics. Considering the amount we paid for these drinks the only side effect was an intense craving for sweets afterwards. I wouldnt recommend these drinks for anyone serious about their health. I do regular cleanses and recommend the Acai Berry cleanse because it doesnt contain such high levels of sugar as the Nekter Cleanses. By the way i gains a pound after using the Nekter Cleanse so it had zero beneficial effects for me.