Office Style: Summer Whites

During the summertime, I always stock my closet with a ton of white pieces. Some of my favorite ensembles are when I put on white from head to toe. The girls this week around the office had that same idea in mind. I loved all the mixture of light white tops paired with pants and skirts. See how they wore white in this week’s office style!

office style white boots

office style green scarf

office style white summer shirt

office style ballet flats

office style white tee

office style white sandals

office style necklace and rings

office style white boho look

office style coin necklace and hair wraps

office style flower crown

office style all white outfit

office style brown wrap sandals

office style peacock necklace

Check out more office style looks we love.

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10 years ago

I love ALL of the outfits ~ but I also love the hair braid with the two wrap dreads/braids…. <3
have a great Wednesday ladies!

10 years ago

i love those black flats on the second girl. where did she get them?

10 years ago

where are those white boots from?

10 years ago

Where is the white dress from in the last photo? Thanks!!

10 years ago

@Natalie they sell a pair like that at Urban Outfitters, very cute.

10 years ago

would u plez tell me where I might find those boots in ur office attire ?….to buy?. thanx

All of these outfits look adorable!! Love summer whites against tanned skin :)

10 years ago

Can anyone tell me where to find sandals like the ones in the 3rd and 4th pictures?? I love them!!

Sweet Pea
10 years ago

Gosh, I love office style!!!!!!!

10 years ago
10 years ago

I love the last one skirt! White is a pure and clean colour, right? I love this colour in summer!