What To Pack For Glastonbury (And A Playlist!)

The UK’s largest festival kicks off this week — Glastonbury! It feels like it’s been forever since the last Glastonbury because there wasn’t one last year, but they’re making up for it with an incredible lineup of bands this year and we wish we were traveling across the pond to be there! They always do an amazing job of mixing new and old acts, with a huge range of musical genres. Here’s a look at what we’d pack, and a playlist of our favorite bands playing the festival.

Above: Roxbury Jumpsuit, Bed of Roses Backpack, Double Layer Rosary, Hard Bangle Set, Gold Hill Runner.

what to pack for glastonbury

FP One Crochet Top, Leather Cross Harness, Colonial X Pendant, Hard Bangle Set, Faded Heartland Tote, Shibori Printed Cutoff, Crochet Beau Boot.

what to pack for glastonbury

Cascade Ruffle Convertible, Smocked Seamless Crop Top, Sunny Bead Collar, Layla Metal Belt, Bed of Roses Backpack, Axel Moto Sneaker.

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8 years ago

these outfits are all very cool and festival appropriate, but a word of warning- i know your festivals like bonnaroo and coachella are all very dry and dusty, but uk festivals’s are another world. you. will. get. filthy. leave all shoes at home except wellies, avoid all white clothing and if you’re staying overnight, camp on high ground and keep warm :)

8 years ago

Jumpsuit is an awesome thing, but think what it will be like for a girl to take it off in the plastic WC booth. Must be quite an experience. Many times per festival.

8 years ago

Julia, you’re music taste is so wonderful. I truly appreciate you girl. :-)

8 years ago

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