Sophia Coppola’s New Film: The Bling Ring

When I started to hear the buzz after Cannes Film Festival about Sofia Coppola’s new film, The Bling Ring, I was intrigued to see how this beautiful visionary would translate an aggressive storyline: a group of teenagers in LA obsessed with fashion and celebrities, who burglarize homes. Sofia always manages to capture her stories in a poetic, dreamy way that’s slightly dark and twisted. Coming from Somewhere, Sofia said she wanted to create something that was a little more obnoxious and fast-paced,  and The Bling Ring is just that — with a soundtrack that’s going to make your heart beat a touch faster.

Based on true happenings the movie captures this generation well and brings a shining spotlight on its obsessions, reflecting the mistakes we make in our youth. Starring Emma Watson, the movie is another of Sofia’s work that is a must-see. In cinemas now — The Bling Ring.

the bling ring

the bling ring

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10 years ago

just saw this movie last night, it was pretty good and the music was awesome!

10 years ago

It seems a very good film! I want to see it!