Styling Tips With Our We The Free Column Maxi

A great tee is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe — and when there are multiple ways to wear it, it’s even better! Our We The Free Straight Column Maxi has a lot of versatility, so we decided to try it on and see how many ways it can be worn. It’s a simple shape: long and loose with two slits on the side. It has a great wash to it, which makes it seem like it’s been bleached by the sun. So, here it goes: one maxi tee, multiple ways to wear it!

We first styled it as a maxi tunic over shorts, which give it a cool, relaxed vibe. The unexpected glimpse of the shorts through the slits made it interesting, as well.

WTF column maxi

We The Free Column Maxi, Cargo Twill Short, Giana Sandal

We then took the right front side and back side and tied them in a knot over the shoulder to make a drapey tank.


WTF column maxi

Then we styled it simply as a dress with some cool ankle boots.

WTF column maxi

We The Free Column Maxi, Short River Boot

WTF column maxi

Lastly, we took the right front side and the back side and made a little side knot, and added a belt to bring in the waist a little. This created a little interest for an evening look.

WTF column maxi

WTF column maxi

WTF column maxi

We The Free Column Maxi, Short River Boot, Lucia Hip Belt

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I think that first look would also look great if you belted the tee with the belt layered over the tee in the front and under the tee (through the slit) in the back.


I love how different and creative the first two styles are! I never thought of styling a maxi dress that way, I might have to try it! :)

Very versatile! It’s great to have a piece that can be worn in so many ways!

I love the red top…. It is shine and beautiful!