Tattoo Inspiration: Sacred Geometry

I’m always on the hunt for inspiration for my next tattoo, and I never need to look any further than our office! There are constantly new tattoos popping up around the building — and there is definitely a trend with geometric tattoos. Bold shapes and linear designs always make for such cool body artwork — they are striking and symbolic. With our Sacred Geometry lookbook online this week, it seemed fitting to share some of the geometric-inspired tattoos spotted around the office!


geometric tattoo inspiration

geometric tattoo inspiration

I love the story behind this one – it was inspired by this photo of two flamingos flying, and she reinterpreted the image in a geometric way. So cool!

geometric tattoo inspiration

geometric tatto inspiration

geometric tattoo inspiration

geometric tattoo inspiration

geometric tattoo inspiration

geometric tattoo inspiration

I love how this one combines the square shape with an organic design.

geometric tattoo inspiration

More tattoo inspiration from the BLDG 25 Blog!

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These are great! So simple yet meaningful.

Ahhhh! I love them. If I got tattoo it would totally be like these. I actually used to draw a triangle on my wrist all the time. Love it!

Juliette Laura


I have been in love with sacred geometry for awhile now. I do acupuncture and I love incorporating it into my treatments, using different patterns to connect the energy of the body.
I have a tattoo of the seed of life on my wrist that I got when I was traveling in Peru. You can see it in this photo : )

I don’t usually post links to my stuff, but this goes with Sacred Geometry and this post so well!

Triangle necklace!
I'm making some mini bracelet versions today in my home studio ;-)


I have never been able to find something I could live with for the rest of my life. ;)


Beautiful. A similar arrow is on my list, but I want it on my pointer finger

This style is so special and it looks cool on them. I can not try this because my mom will be unhappy to look that.

I got a tattoo last month. It’s not so geometric, but I feel it fits with these.
It’s a reminder to be an explorer and always up for adventure, like my granddad who was an astronomer.

See here:

Love it Lady’s you look beautiful! Does anyone like Heavy Metal Music? If you do please check out my favorite band below


amzing, i’m in love with tattoos, mostly when they are geometrical. .. I have one and it’s ma bby, cuz its my very first tattoo.