Trend: We’re All For A Sugar Mountain

The name sends you on a journey…it makes you daydream a little when you think of the juxtaposition of the two words “sugar” and “mountain”. Something that’s sweet and light played alongside a word that’s domineering and forceful. That’s exactly what this trend is about: sweet feminine tops in delicate chiffons and crochet, mixed with harder blacks in denim, leather and boots. It’s the perfect mix when you want to play around with two personalities.

This trend is great if you want to give your summer whites an edge for an evening look or if you’re going to a concert. It gives a white color palette a whole new mood; a Sugar Mountain kind of mood.

sugar mountain

sugar mountain

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10 years ago

sounds alot like my style! right now i’m wearing a white flowy chiffon top with cut offs and black leather boots.