Wardrobe Inspiration: Summer Florals

Flowers are some of nature’s most beautiful creations. They appeal to the eye, the nose, and most of all, the mind. They symbolize life and beauty, and always make me feel at ease. Come summer, I make sure to stock my wardrobe with all things floral, from dresses to underwear to shoes to hair accessories. I fill my home with them, as well. Being immersed in flowers makes me feel feminine and beautiful, and playful at the same time. I don’t think I can even consider florals a trend – I’ll certainly always love to adorn myself with them.

Flowers in bun

Floral sandals, white wall

Flower collage

Floral romper

Flower field

Summer floral outfit

In this post: Bun Floral Crown, Romana Floral Sandal, Antalya Coin Collar, Chukka Espadrille, Embroidered Halter Cami, Tiered Eyelet Short, Sweet Jane Sunglasses, Sacred Geometry Cuff

Photos by Jana and Brigette.

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  1. I’ve never heard someone say that flowers appeal most to the mind. Very strange. I can understand it was written to engage with some poetic aspect, but the showy, colorful, fragrant part of flowers are all about the surface by design. Making such a statement is really confusing… Flowers making you feel “beautiful and feminine” is again, a surface attribute not really about the mind?

  2. I have those floral gladiator sandals and I seriously get stopped in the street every time I wear them. They are so cool and here in Australia pretty much no-one has them :o)

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