3 Homemade Remedies For Split Ends

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It’s a problem that plagues all of us…split ends. I can’t seem to get rid of them, and I hate constantly trimming my hair because I’m trying to grow it longer.  I’ve been looking into ways to remedy split ends at home, and found some really easy concoctions that you can make with just a few simple ingredients.

Remedy #1

split end remedies

Is there anything you can’t use olive oil and avocado for?  Turns out they make a great remedy for split ends, too.  Olive oil is incredibly moisturizing for dry, damaged hair and will also make your hair more silky and shiny.  Avocado is also known to contain many nutrients and vitamins conducive to healthy skin and hair (more reasons to love avocado right this way).  Combined with egg whites, these ingredients make a wonderful treatment for split ends, and will help nourish the rest of your hair as well.


1 avocado, pitted and skinned

2 tablespoons egg whites

3 tablespoons olive oil

Mash up the avocado and mix in the egg whites and olive oil. Whip until you obtain a creamy consistency like conditioner. Apply to your hair, cover with a shower cap and let sit for 45 minutes to an hour.  Rinse thoroughly and wash hair with a mild, natural shampoo to get the mixture out but let the nutrients keep working :)

split end remedies

Remedy #2

split end remedies

In addition to being completely delicious, papaya is rich in protein and amino acids, which can help to make hair stronger. Mixed with plain yogurt, it makes a luxurious hair mask that will make your hair silky smooth and strong.


1 papaya, de-seeded and skinned

½ cup plain yogurt

Cut the papaya in half and scoop out the seeds, then use a knife to remove the skin. Mash it up with a fork and then mix in the yogurt, whipping it until you obtain a smooth consistency.  Apply to hair like conditioner, and put on a shower cap and let it sit for 45 minutes to an hour. Rinse thoroughly, but for this one you don’t have to worry about washing out the smell – it actually smells quite nice!

split end remedies

Remedy #3

split end remedies

Beer! Who would have thought? The proteins and sugar in beer bonds to your hair, helping to strengthen and mend damaged follicles. You don’t need to mix it with anything else, just pour it into a spray bottle and spray evenly over your hair. Rinse thoroughly and wash with a mild, natural shampoo to get rid of the beer scent.

split end remedies

And there you have it, three easy remedies for split ends!

split end remedies

Do you have any tried-and-true remedies for split ends?  Share them in the comments!

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10 years ago

I like to use coconut oil!

Massage a 1/4 tsp. of coconut oil into split ends. Cover with plastic wrap or put on shower cap and leave overnight. wash and style as usual in the morning! If split ends/frizzies are particularly bad, I’ll warm up a bit of coconut oil in my palms and rub lightly over all my hair, leaving it in.

10 years ago

funny you would post this…extremely grateful you did. I have been debating on cutting off my curls due to split ends and dryness – you are a savior! thank you!!!

10 years ago

how long do the remedies last or is it a one time use and you have to remake it?

10 years ago

I’ve tried olive oil and similar natural products on my dry hair in the past but found that they didn’t work on my hair. My hair is about 60 cm (2 feet) long and thin/fine, and I’m growing it.

The only thing that I’ve found that really nourishes and moisturises my dry hair is the Macademia healing hair mask which contains natural oils and is 100 % sulphate, paraben and alcohol free.

My tips to treating hair dryness which causes spit ends:
* Drink 1,5 litres of water daily
* Eat healthy and balanced
* Exercise regularly
* Try not to use straighteners/curling irons. (If you do, always use a heat protective spray.)
* Only use natural hair products which are free from sulphates, parabens and alcohols. (The Macademia line is great.)
* Use a deep conditioner or hair mask at least once a week.
* Don’t wash your hair more than 3-4 times a week, as it really dries your hair out. (Try wearing cute hairstyles like braids and buns instead of washing it and curling it every day.)

My hair feels and looks better after following thease tips for a couple of months, but it might depend on what sort of hair you’ve got so I can’t garantee that it will work for everyone.

Good luck! :)

10 years ago

definitely will try this! I was just actually gazing angrily at my split ends and am excited that I can now try some cool, natural remedies :) thanks!

10 years ago

if you can’t seem to get your hair to stop growing roughly, you should try several months without any heat. if you have the type of hair that never seems to dry naturally, then use a blow dryer with a diffuser. during those months, deep-condition once or twice a week, making sure you rub the conditioner into the ends. i have curly hair, and go by “the curly girl method”, which follows the rules in the curly girl handbook that costs about 10 dollars if you want to get it. one of the things in that book that i found helpful was brushing your hair with your fingers, and absolutely no combs or brushes. it actually works really well, even in thick hair. it’s way easier than i thought it would be, and i come away with silky hair that’s really well detangled. hope that helps! xo

Mar (@scumul)
10 years ago

I have super dry, thin, curly hair and I got the best results when I was trying to grow it with a mix of mashed Aloe vera & warm olive oil once a week! and at least twice a week I applied coconut oil, which I used to left all night long (& use a shower cap if you dont want to ruin the sheets). This works pretty good for split ends and frizz. Now I liked a lot your avocado & egg whites recipe, so Im gonna try that next!

10 years ago

there is no cure for split ends aside from a trim. you literally have to cut them off to make them go away. these are all fabulous ideas for maintaining freshly trimmed ends, but these will not CURE split ends. if you fail to trim your hair every 6 weeks – 3 months, your hair will never grow, fully & beautifully, to the length you desire. strands will continue to split, all the way up the hair shaft, resulting in fly-aways & frazzled ends.

10 years ago

I agree with Paula, the only cure for split ends is sheers (and a talented hair guy). I always suggest to think of hair as “fibrous material” and treat it like a plant. Once a hair is split it’s just going to keep splitting like hosiery. Consider using a soft bands when tying your hair and keep that balance between protein and moisture. Gigartina or Undaria algae is awesome, moisture with out weighting the hair down. :)

10 years ago

I also agree with Paula, you can’t really fix split ends. No treatment will mend the ends back together, but these recipes are great for making split ends not look as bad because they will be more moisturized as well as preventing more split ends from happening. I too suggest trimming off your split ends and then using one of these treatments once a week or a deep conditioner to prevent split ends from starting again.
I suggest trimming your hair and then keeping up these routines and possibly minimizing on heat and chemicals (or cutting it out all together) for a couple months.
I do disagree with people who say your hair won’t grow if you don’t trim it ever so often, I grew my hair out from my shoulders to past my boobs in a a little over a year and I never trimmed it once. I just used lots of deep conditioner, minimized chemicals and heat for a year and my hair grew a lot.

anyway those are just my suggestions. (: going to try out some of these treatments as well.

10 years ago

Olive oil has a good impact on hair. I often use it. Thanks for nice tips! I have real problems with may hair. I want to grow them but they are loosing a lot.

10 years ago

Olive oil has a good impact on hair. I often use it. Thanks for nice tips! I have real problems with may hair. I want to grow them but they are loosing a lot. men’s health

10 years ago

yesterday i tried a diy hair mask made be 1part of honey+1part of olive oil+1part of rapeseed oil, i microwaved the mixture just for the 3 things to be combined and i let it cool after that. when it was totally cool i put it on my dump hair and i wrap my head with trasparent foil and i placed a towel above it just to keep it warmer. i heated my hair with the blower for about 5 minutes,i let the mask stay for about 30minutes. then i rinsed it and i washed my hair rally well with a shampoo for deep cleaning! but after that i put my regular hair mask for dyed hair,wrapped my head again and let it stay for 1hour. then i rinse it really well with a looot of cold water…my hair are just wonderful now!!! it seemed revived from root to end…

Blonde and Blah
10 years ago

my all time favorite product is MINK OIL. If you think about how a mink coat is, it only made sense.

I will do a deep condition with it, wash apply to wet hair hit with blow drier for a bit, apply some more, put on a shower cap and go to bed. Wash and condition as normal when needed, sometimes I will put my hair in a slick backed bun, and leave it for two days.

I will use one squirt after my normal wash and shampoo, (It is not heavy like the Moroccan oil) and style as usual.
The company that sells it online is called A Touch of Mink, their other products are good also.

10 years ago

It;s true that olive oil works wonders for hair! I use it once a week.

10 years ago

You know what really works? The “no poo” or “conditioner olny” method. Skip the shampoo and only use conditioner free from silicones and mineral oils, your hair will look so much healthier! :)

10 years ago

So i tried the beer method last night, with a dark flying dog brew. And since i didnt have a spray bottle i just took the bottle of beer into the shower with me and dumped it on,cover with a shower cap, and let hot water run over it deep conditioning style. MY HAIR HAS NEVER LOOKED HEALTHIER, SHINIER, OR FELT AS SOFT AS IT DOES NOW! Thanks FP

10 years ago

So for the papaya & yogurt do you need to have your hair wet before you apply it on??

10 years ago

Coconut oil and raw honey, SO GOOD!
Not only does it smell good, it does so much for your hair. You need to heat up the honey and the coconut oil just enough to melt it, plus the heat helps the mixture adhere to your hair, after you apply it to your hair put a shower cap on or wrap it in plastic wrap and leave it on for about two hours, (I like to leave it on overnight) then hop into the shower rinse your hair with hot water and wash as normal.
A very good tip that most people dont know either is to shampoo with hot water this will open up your hair follicles allowing proper cleansing and condtioning, then squeeze as much water out of your hair before using your conditioner, try to use a very conditioning conditioner after you use the honey and coconut oil, once its time to rinse out your conditioner rinse it with cold water, (not like ice cold but a lot cooler than normal) this will seal the moisture in and close your follicles. Hope this works for you, cause it sure helped me :)

10 years ago

Beautiful remedies.
Besides the shears, the oils and the fruits & honey, I know a great remedy to add…
Split ends are excess dryness.
Did you know that before your hair ever splits, the fibers on the inside of your body split!
Our body is brilliant. It always tells us when we could use some TLC! We would never take notice of our internal fibers splitting, but we can see our external hair splitting in the mirror.
Do whatever remedy works for you individually to nourish your hair back to brilliance, and then keep HYDRATED, wet, & nourished…but not in excess!
You don’t have to split your ends! <3

10 years ago

the best remedy for split ends…is a pair of scissors. :P

10 years ago

Hey I hv really thin hair . Nd I want long lustrous nd shiny hair . I want really long hair . Wot shud I do ?

10 years ago

I egg, 3 tablespoons of olive il, 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix and massage into damp hair. Put on hair cap for about half and hour and then wash it all out with a good shampoo that contains no alcohol or sulfate. Make sure to wash about 3x so your hair won’t be greasy! :)

2 years ago
Reply to  Amelia

Hiya, I had no hair twice due to cancer, but it grew bk afro, fell out and then grew curly the list goes on, I had half tea spoon of turmeric from world’s food Isle a spot of black pepper, made warm milk turmeric added honey and spingkle of ginger and bought vitamin d3 and calcium vitamins. Soon grew got too thick, its long just right and all I der control now, split ends are basically enevetable full stop, but I’m still going to try natural methods from here therw no harm hopefully great.. Hope it helps. I no. What it’s like mentally to have to carry it on ur shoulders basically it’s not nice…

10 years ago

The avocado treatment works great….I don’t particularly think cutting will help grow at least not for me…my hair is waivy and down to my butt… I’ve been washing my hair everyday and all I use is gel afterwards..I must mention that I cut all my hair off a year ago and everyone is mad at me because they swear I have some miracle hair growing method and truth is all I do is put it up in a bun everyday and wash it every other day….at times I wait a week to wash my hair and…..ladies for some reason the accumulated dirt/sweat seems to make my hair thicker and stronger…when I do wash it and leave it loose with some gel on it every one is in awwwwwwwww………just my advice….I .come from a family that thinks girls with short hair are ugly so we try our best to keep those strands long and pretty….but, over washing and gelling and also a hair dye I do ONLY once a year has my ends looking stringy and split soooooooo I’m going to get less than an inch trimmed and do my avocado treatment on my fresh ends and I should be ok until about this time next year