Adventure #1: Tubing Down A River

Last week I started a little game called Adventure by Fate, where each week I partake in a different adventure – decided by the roll of a wooden block. My first roll landed on “Go tubing down a river” – and that’s exactly what I did!

I drove out to Sand Island with a small group of friends, bathing suits on, tubes in hand. None of us had ever been tubing before, and when we got to the river, we were surprised at how rapidly the water was moving. We looked around at one another and said, “These hot pink pool tubes probably aren’t going to cut it.” Most of the crew decided to instead lounge in the grass by the river and enjoy the gorgeous weather, but I knew I couldn’t back out. That little wooden block decided that I’d go tubing, so I was going tubing.

I hopped in the water with another brave soul, and we floated right along. The water wasn’t as scary as we’d thought. It was freezing cold, but a freezing cold that was the perfect temperature to cool us down on this hot, hazy day. We discovered a beautiful little inlet where we parked it for a few and enjoyed the gorgeous sights and calm sounds of nature that surrounded us before heading back to meet the rest of our friends. It was the perfect little adventure.

Free People bikini


Flowers, water, girl

Flowers in swimsuit

Tubing fun

Tube, river, bridge

Tubing black and white

Water adventure

Leaves on arm

And for my next adventure, I will…

Adventure block gif

Check back next week for a photo recap of my second adventure!

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you guys seem to be having a blast!

Oh how fun! Great photos! Can’t wait to see your camping results!

Juliette Laura

Good for you. I need to do more outdoors events as well! Human beings are meant to be in contact with nature. Think I will make a point to at least go hiking before this summer is up.


Where are the round sunglasses in picture 5 from? I love the photography in these pics!

Brigette your bathing suit is adorable! I’ve never been tubing either, but I have been canoeing and I loved every minute of being on the’s so calming, it often feels like everything is forgotten as soon as you hit the water! I love summer time

wonderful all picture, i think it was very enjoyable time. thanks for sharing


is that sand island, as in bethlehem?


I went floating along a river- a three hour trip! Totally chill and enjoyable!