Adventure #4: Explore A New Town

For the month of July, I played a little game that I called Adventure by Fate, where each week I partook in a different adventure – decided by the roll of a wooden block. For my fourth and final week, the block landed on “Explore a new town” – so that’s just what I did.

I grew up on Long Island, which is filled with plenty of really adorable towns on the water. I’ve been to many of them in my life, but there’s one I’d never had a chance to explore, so I took this chance to do exactly that. My sister and I drove out to Greenport, which is a village in eastern Long Island, almost on the tip of the island’s north fork. Located on a harbor, Greenport was once a large part of the fishing and whaling industry. These days the village is becoming a hotspot on the island – Girls even shot an episode there recently, as we found out from one of the shop owners we met while we were there!

We had such a fun day, walking around, exploring all of the incredible shops. There was so much décor inspiration to be found at every corner! The people were so lovely. Everyone seemed to move at a relaxed pace and there were friendly faces wherever we went. It started to rain, but we didn’t care. We bought ourselves some Mexican blankets, threw them over ourselves and danced around! If you’re ever out in Eastern Long Island, you should definitely take a trip to Greenport. We will certainly be back soon.

Red hair, white fence

Bike, house

Mexican food

Asian decor

Girl, alley


Girl in store

Homemade soaps

Crochet rocks

Yoga sign

Farmers market

Blanket on head

Cement garden

Yoga studio

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10 years ago

exploring new towns can be so fun – love all the pictures but the last photo is awesome!

10 years ago

hi brigette! i have been such a fan of your style for so long- since i discovered free people and this blog. its so pretty and feminine. what are some philly thrift shops you would suggest going to?

10 years ago

Such a cool idea to roll a wooden block to choose something fun and new to do! The town looks so cute and I get a relaxed vibe just looking through the photos, so amazing! I must visit Long Island :) Thank you for sharing your experience!!

Such a cute town! I love that wall display of soaps and other goods. And that veggie stand? Awesome!!


10 years ago

I grew up here – Greenport is truly a beautiful and unique town.

10 years ago

I’m so behind with checking your blog, I LOVE YOU! THIS WAS THE BEST DAYYYY EVA