Adventures From Our LA Designer: LAX –> PDX

Portland is a really nice town. You can ride your bike everywhere, everything is delicious, and it’s really, really beautiful! We ran around in the rain, met beautiful people, and got to see our FPX Designer Dana in her Northwest environment.

There’s too much to say about how much fun we had and how welcomed we felt when we paid this fine city a visit, so here is a quick hit list that we enjoyed:

Mississippi Records 
Rad Summer (Thanks, beautiful babe with amazing tunes)
YO! Vintage (Sara, you rule)
Black Box Gallery (Philly unite!)
Stand Up Comedy
House of Vintage
The Woodsman Tavern

Portland, you guys are really, really lovely.

****Special thanks to our extended FP family Dana and Sweet Sweet Jevon*******

– Chau and Kelly









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  1. I live here too! I must say after traveling to a bunch a different places in the US Portland is still my favorite city. I’ve grown up here so I might be a little biased but seriously anyone thinking about visiting, should! There’s so many good places to eat, and it’s cheap and afterwards you really can bike everywhere or just sit outside and enjoy the fact that there are trees EVERYWHERE. There are parts of the city where you can just go a few blocks one way and suddenly be in the middle of a wooded nature-y area and then go a few blocks in the other direction and be in a busy yet cozy area. Plus most of the time random people are so friendly you’ll feel like they’re your long lost friends!

  2. I’m from Portland and am glad you seem to love it as much as I do. It’s my favorite place in the world.

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