Ankle Boots & Mini Dresses

We just relaunched the shoe shop on our site, and there are some beautiful fall boots that I have my eye on right now. It’s almost 100 degrees outside in Philly, but that’ll never stop me from busting out a pair of ankle boots. It may be too hot for sweaters and thigh highs, but I love pairing ankle boots with my favorite mini dresses from summertime all the way into fall. Something about showing a ton of leg yet covering up the feet is so appealing to me. FP Jana and I tried on some mini dresses and ankle boots to start getting pumped for fall while still embracing the summer heat!

Girl on stairs

Ankle boots, mini dress

Black and white, girl on stairs

Above: Baby Dee Dress, Mira Pendant, Bryn Boot, Jewel Crossbody.

Dress, boots, backpack

Mini dress, boots, backpack

Brown ankle boots

Above: FP New Romantics Hi Neck Embellished Top, The People Slash Boot, Harper Leather Backpack.

Lace dress

Black ankle boots

Above: Write About Love Dress, Admiral Ankle Boot, Bed of Roses Backpack.

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I love the way ankle boots look on other people, I just need to get used to them on my own feet.
Maybe this year is the year!

I loooove these outfits! Makes me want to pair ankle boots with minis more often!

Juliette Laura

as always I love it…I always wear ankle booties with dresses. I have a request for you FP Ladies, if you could show some FP clothing styled for woman 40 and over ? I am a huge FP fan and my wardrobe is about 75% FP but I sometimes find myself second guessing…is this appropriate for me, etc… I am sure somewhere in your office there must be woman of my age….please <3


@Eva- I’m 31 and often wonder if people think I am too old for my clothes. But no one has ever said anything other than compliments. It seems like there used to be a rule that says once you hit 30 you are supposed to chop off all your hair and live in mom-jeans and souvenir t-shirts. But no one is following it anymore. I see women in their 70s sporting brand new tattoos, neon pedicures and chalked hair. There is no age when you have to grow up and stop being awesome.

@Vivian – thanks so much ~ I do get lots of compliments on my clothing but I also get woman that stare – I think it’s because I live in a small town! Oh and by the way, my husband loves the way I dress…
No mom jeans for me…haha

All of these looks are perfection!!


These are seriously some beautiful shoes but I’ve given buying anything tested on animals so I have also stopped buying leather as a result.


@ Stephanie: I agree. I love the style of these, but I don’t buy any leather, wool, or silk products since I’m vegan. I wish Free People would offer more animal friendly shoes!


I just wonder what slip the model wear with the High Neck Embellished Top? I’ve been looking for that slip everywhere :(