How To Get Beautifully Scented Clothes

Have you ever given someone a hug and been pleasantly surprised with a full inhale of the most delicious scent? It could be the scent of the products they use on their skin or hair – or it could be their clothes. Many fabrics have the ability to absorb and hold scents quite well. This can totally affect your mood, too, depending on the scents you use.

Here are some ways I’ve discovered that will make your clothes smell delicious. If you want to be that person who everyone wants to hug, listen up — although I’m sure you’re that person even without scenting your wardrobe. :)

Lavender water

Dried lavender, bowl of water

I feel like I’m always talking about how good lavender is at calming the soul. It’s a scent that’s known to aid in relaxation of the mind – and your clothes can put this knowledge to use. Mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with water in a spray bottle and spritz onto your clothes before putting them in the wash. When your laundry is done, you’ll be rewarded with fresh clothes that have a slight hint of lavender – it won’t be too overpowering. You can also experiment with mixtures of different essential oils, like vanilla and eucalyptus.

Fresh air

Girl hanging clothes

After washing your clothes, hang them out to dry! This will lock the sweet scents of summer into your entire wardrobe. It will also save the energy that would normally be used to dry them with your machine.

Extra tip: If you still opt to dry your clothes with a machine, be careful not to dry them for longer than necessary. Over-drying will rob your laundry of that “freshly washed” smell!

Scented soaps

Soap in dresser drawer

Place a bar of your favorite scented soap inside your closet or dresser drawers. Not only will this have your clothes smelling fantastic, you’ll get a nice, refreshing whiff each time you open a drawer! I’ve always been a fan of the mild yet clean-smelling Dove soap bars. I also love this St. Helena lavender soap, which has real organic lavender flowers blended inside.

What do you do to get your clothes smelling delicious? Please share!

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10 years ago

The soap idea is great!
I love making dried lavender sachets for my drawers.
Or, heating a scented oil warmer under my clothing drying rack as the clothes dry gives the clothes the fragrance of whatever oil or wax I choose :)

<3 dani

10 years ago

I’m bad for the environment, but I use dryer sheets..I buy unscented laundry soap and then the best smelling dryer sheets I can find! I love the just washed smell dryer sheets can leave…when I was little I remember helping my mom hang the laundry outside to dry, and the smell they would have after they were dry, it was my favorite scent!

10 years ago

When I go to wash my clothes, I drop some lavender oil or patchouli directly into the detergent and mix it up and drop it in the washing machine. I always hang up to dry and it always smells so good! I like the soap idea, I’ll have to give that a try!

10 years ago

I use eco friendly lavender laundry soap and dryer sheets. You can get them at Target or Whole Foods. But honestly, Downy is still my favorite. :)

10 years ago

I like to mix Dr. Bronner’s lavender with some water. I never use the dryer, so they stay smelling fresh. :)

10 years ago

Great ideas! I always hang dry outside and lightly spritz with lavander water!

Juliette Laura

10 years ago

I do love the smell of fresh clothes.
I wish I had a way to line dry my clothes outside.

10 years ago

Do you leave the soaps wrapped when you put them in your clothes piles? I’d imagine soap residue would absorb into your clothes otherwise…

10 years ago

I don’t use a dryer, so all my clothes get hung up to dry! Not only great smelling clothes, sheets etc. but good for the environment! Love the soap idea, Lavender being my favorite! <3

10 years ago

The soap is such a fantastic idea! I’m going to try this out as soon as I can get my hands on some handmade soaps from Etsy! Mmmm…

10 years ago

my granny and my ma always put soap in their closets, so that their clothes would smell nice. the soap, by the way, does not need to be handmade. well, íf you’ve got the money, why not?

10 years ago

To freshen my linens… I toss a few cottonballs scented with essential oil in the dryer with them… sometimes lavender, sometimes lemon. I LOVE wonderful scented towels after a shower! :)

I’ve never done this with my clothes as I rarely dry my good clothes in the dryer… I’d be afraid the essential oil would stain them accidentally!

Love the lavender water idea! Will be doing that for sure!

10 years ago

What types of scents do you think would be good in autumn? School is going to start (first year in high school…ah the nerves!) and I think I want to start with a relaxing feel.

10 years ago

I’m all about fresh lavender!! I put it everywhere even all around my room…I used to be a sucker for downy, especially the lavender scented kind, but fabric softener totally breaks down the fibers in your clothes so you have to be careful with it! but love the soap idea!

10 years ago

This is a fantastic idea!
But if your clothes are smelling like something, you wont use perfume, would you?
It should be something that matches it!

How can I get that green top from the first picture? I loved it.

10 years ago
9 years ago

Oh! I love this post! Never thought to put a bar of soap in my dresser, but I will definitely be trying that now <3

Natalie Beck
9 years ago

Similar to the idea of having a room diffuser if you take a small bowl of 2 parts essential oil: 1 part water and place it on top of your radiator whilst its on it not only adds the scent to the air but also assure that the moisture in the room removed by the heat of the radiator is replaced. :)

9 years ago

Lavender and water spray – How much essential oil to water? That’s a great idea. I think I must be overdrying my clothes because I’ve used those Downy Unstoppables everyone raves about and I find that the scent doesn’t stay on the clothes, mostly on towels, but not long on linens. I’ve always kept soaps in my drawers and I’ve been known to take them out of the packaging and toss them into a sock whose mate has long disappeared. We can’t hang clothes out to dry where we live, but perhaps I should hang them to dry in spare room with windows open?

9 years ago

I’ve been using bar soap all my life and the idea of putting a bar in my dresser is awesome. In fact, I’m gonna wrap my favorite hoodie around a bar so that the next time my GF barrows it. It’ll smell great. :D

9 years ago

All my life I tossed new good fragrance boar soaps in my drawers. It smells nice just for a few days though. About the closets, I think only removing everything out, washing the walls and floor, washing all the clothes, etc., will make the odor disappear. In my case, living in the same house for over 20 years brought odor to my closets. I had to thoroughly wash and clean the closet. Wish I’d just move out and move into a brand new home…haha

9 years ago

I really Ike these ideas! I am having stale air issues in the bedroom closet I love the idea of lavender or sachets. What do people who have sensitivities to scents do? Are there some less perfume like options? something subtle. would white vinegar, baking soda, an soft aroma or essential oil scent that is not overpowering . When it is nice out we open window s but that is temporary . Work has a scent free policy so I cannot use a strong scents or perfume. Open to suggestions . Thank you .

9 years ago

The soap in the drawer is genius! Going to have to try that. Lavender is definitely a calming aromatic. Great ideas you’ve posted. Thanks!

9 years ago

I make up a concoction of eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle and spray the sheets every couple of days. Keeps the cats off the bed at least for an hour or so…I also leave my wardrobe doors open on fine days and widely open all the windows plus I have some small wooden balls I soak in essential oil (when I remember). For times when I feel less prosaic I have another spray bottle of gardenia and water which I generally just spray around the room. Lovely, nearly exotic and not too expensive.

5 years ago

I have a laundry shop and my customers always demand for good fragrance. I am using Comfort Fragrance which work very well but only before it goes into dryer.

in Dryer temp of 55’c all fragrance goes off. Please tell me a tip to retain it.