Benefits Of The Goddess Pose

The goddess pose is not a widely used pose in Vinyasa yoga, however the other day I happened to try it for the first time in my yoga class and the benefits I felt were great. I instantly felt a great blend of strength, stretch, and mental toughness. You feel connected with the ground and solid like a mountain.

The pose has so many benefits to it: It opens your hips, legs and, chest, it strengthens the legs, and it stretches your shoulder joints. What I love most about this pose is that you can hold it for a very long time, giving you time to really notice and respect what is happening to your body. So, this weekend, wake up and practice a goddess first thing in the morning, and learn a little bit about your body and give it strength.

goddess pose


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7 years ago

Ahh I love this pose. It always feels so refreshing in a way. Also, love the FP yoga gear! So perfect!

Juliette Laura

7 years ago

Thanks for introducing us to the goddess pose. I had never heard of this pose before either. I will definitely give it a try!

7 years ago

Thank you, not only have I not heard of it, it doesn’t look all that painful nor complicated! Nahmaste!

7 years ago

I’ve been really into goddesses lately. This is the perfect wake up in the morning stretch to get the blood flowing, maybe combined with a five minute headstand to reverse the blood flow and to contrast the feeling of being sturdy like a mountain :)

7 years ago

Can’t wait to give this a try tomorrow morning!