Blogger Diary: Life Happens Fast

I remember turning to my mom one day, back when I was a teenager, and saying, “It seems like this year went by so quickly!” She looked at me with that all-knowing smile and said, “It only gets faster every year.” She couldn’t have been more right. It’s a confusing thing to think about, time. What is time? Does it really even exist? Time is so relative; so subjective. Why does it seem like a day can last for years, yet a year can go by in a snap?

Over the weekend, we celebrated my cousin’s college graduation, and it really hit me that life is truly going by. Looking around at my group of cousins, it was amazing to realize that, as there used to be such a clear difference of age between us all, we can now all chat on the exact same level — although that level often tends to be filled with youthful jokes and laughter. :) We’re all growing up. We’re doing things. We’re going places. But even still, we’re all a part of each others’ lives, and I love that so much. These people mean the world to me.

This weekend was just another beautiful reminder to stay present at all times. Life is constantly changing, and we should always take the special time to appreciate it as it was, as it will be, and — most importantly — as it is.

Cousins happy

Summer couple

My beautiful cousin and her adorable boyfriend.

Dog beer

Even this pup has grown up so much.

Family party

We always used to line up in height order when we were younger, like this:

Cousins lined up 2

Cousins lined up

So we decided to do it again…


…Even though the order has switched a bit. :)

What do you guys think? Does life seem like it’s going by in a flash?

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  1. Yeah it does. Thinking about time always makes me feel like I’m drowning. So it’s a blessing to get by and cope.
    Love that adult line up. :)

  2. These photos are so sweet – the blessing of family <3…time does fly, you have to cherish each moment. As a Mom I look back and it seems like yesterday but my children are now 24, 15 and 12…yesterday goes by so fast. Thanks for posting!

  3. This is so beautifully put. I’m about to graduate and it amazes me that life is happening so quickly. It’s terrifying and exciting at the same time, but I’m learning to focus on the fun of it and just roll with it.

  4. I wrote an essay for my philosophy class on time: check it out, your introduction reminded me of it! :)

    The Stream of Time
    Time. The simple word that creates organization among society. Humans invented the concept of time around c. 1500 BC, and the accuracy of time has only increased over the years. But does time actually exist? As children, we have grown up to learn the significance of clocks, calendars, years, days, minutes, all the way down to the most precise unit of time known as Planck time; which is the time it would take a proton traveling at the speed of light to cross a distance equal to one. Society has based our lives around this word, always in fear of losing time or wasting time, but how can this be possible if time is simply a creation of one’s thoughts?

    Time does not truly exist. This idea may seem abstruse or hard to believe, but no one can be positive that time is real, because we have developed the idea of time. Time is how the human mind perceives a sequence of separate events. It allows humans to tie together ideas and create an organizational pattern that everyone understands. The normal being believes in three distinguishing groups of time: the past, the present, and the future. But why is this? How can you decide when the past is over, when the present is occurring, and when the future begins? It simply does not make sense. That would be like me saying that the beginning of this essay is simply in the past, but the thoughts I have not written are apart of the future. Then, where shall we say my present is occurring? It is impractical to measure life in time.

    Humans create this idea that time is a baneful subject. They assiduously spend their lives preparing for the future, instead of simply living in the present. The constant stress of time is what creates the main difference between animals and humans. Animals simply live moment by moment, never worrying about what the future holds for them. This is due to the fact that animals have a very diminutive memory. A human memory is very advanced and able to perceive events quite differently. If humans escaped from this, shall we say, imprisonment of time, we would be able to live in a blithe, carefree manner; similar to animals.

    If people are not guaranteed the promise of success in the future, they remain unhappy in the present. We have continuously been taught to prepare for the future. In elementary school we are taught to prepare for middle school, middle school prepares us for high school, high school prepares us for college, college prepares us for real life, and we prepare ourselves in real life for retirement. Is there ever a point where we stop preparing for what is to come and accept what is actually happening now? Christopher McCandless is a wonderful example of a person who simply lived in the moment. He took the risk of venturing into nature alone, lackadaisical of how society would judge him. Anyone that is different or does not follow the norm is looked down upon by society, but how can one judge him when he is truly living his own life; day by day.

    So time……humans are living in time, which is not actually here. It is unreal. Time was simply created due to the fact that humans are incapable of understanding what their purpose is. We are afraid of time, because we believe that it is what controls our future. This is far from true, yet since society has pounded the idea of time into our heads, a simple individual refuses to question these concepts that make no sense. We have a capacious amount of life that everyone takes for granted, never accomplishing the things they want, for fear of being judged. So if time disappeared or was never created, how would humans respond

  5. I love this post, and the photos!! Yes, it does go faster and faster. It feels like yesterday that my twins were born and they are now 3 1/2 and have learned to say things like “Erik is my brother, he is my best friend, I love him” but also “fxxk off mummy”!!!
    Have a lovely day.
    Jenny, Australia

  6. Your Grandpa Charlie always explained the speed by recognizing with each year lived, one year becomes a smaller percentage of the whole. While it might be smaller though, each one is just as significant. Your mother was wise and so are you!

  7. I love how you put that smiley face in there. :) Every year disappears quicker than the one before it, though the days within seem to drag on. Loving reading the Blogger Diary posts, thanks!

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