First City Festival Lineup & Playlist

Have you guys heard about First City Festival? It’s a brand new festival coming to Monterey, California this August, and will take place at the same famous fairgrounds where the legendary Monterey Pop Festival took place in 1967. If you’re a lover of music, this is hallowed grounds — not only was it the first large-scale festival of its kind, but it was also the first major American appearance for Jimi Hendrix and The Who, as well as the first major appearance for Janis Joplin. It is probably most remembered for Jimi Hendrix’s electric set, which ended with him lighting his guitar on fire (if you haven’t, you must watch the DVD). First City Festival will be two days long, and features a stellar lineup for its first year. Acts include Passion Pit, Modest Mouse, MGMT, Beach House, Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Devendra Banhart, Dr. Dog, The Black Angels, Father John Misty… the list goes on! Not to mention, Monterey is a beautiful setting for a festival, located on the beach about two hours south of San Francisco. Who’s going??

For more info on the festival or to purchase tickets click here. And, listen to our playlist of bands who will be there below!

first city festival lineup

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10 years ago

Wishing I could go! The Monteray Pop Festival is LEGENDARY. Ugh! And the playlist is perfect! Dreaming of going!!

Juliette Laura

10 years ago

I was just in Monteray and let me tell you it is beautiful! The fair grounds are great as well :)

10 years ago

I live here!!! I just MIGHT goooooo :)

10 years ago

It seems so funny. I want to go there.

10 years ago

AHHHHH thank you so much for this post! I literally read this and bought my ticket 20 minutes later :) So excited!!

10 years ago

I am going and I can’t stand the excitement! It seems fitting that my first music festival experience is going to be at First City’s first year!