Decorating With Birch Wood

As a decorator, I have a huge crush on all things birch. I love nature and I love light colors, so the fact that these trees have a natural white bark is so aesthetically appealing to me. I love bringing birch inside to offer a soft, happy, natural element to my home — and there are so many different ways to do it.

Whenever I walk past a birch tree, I stop for a moment — first, to enjoy the beauty of it, but secondly, to see if any bark has peeled and fallen to the ground. Usually the answer is yes! I grab some bark bits and bring them home with me — even if I won’t be home for hours.

One thing I love to do with birch bark is wrap it around a glass jar. All you have to do attach it with hot glue! Low-temperature hot glue works best — otherwise the glue can be shocked by the cool temperature of the glass and harden too quickly.

Birch glass containers

I’ve used these jars for so many things — from cotton balls and makeup brushes to kitchen utensils and craft supplies!


They also make great plant holders.

Birch wrapped plant

Last fall I found out that Terrain was selling birch logs at their store for only $15 — I bought two! I like to rest mine against the wall in the corner of a room, but I’ve got other ideas, too. I’d love to hang one from the ceiling in my bedroom and use it to hang dried flowers or my favorite clothes.

Birch log decor

One of my very handy friends made me a beautiful birch candle stick holder as a gift. All you have to do is get a hold of a birch log (I believe he chopped this one down on his own!) and drill some candlestick-size holes into it. I absolutely adore this piece.

Birch log candle holder

Drilled birch candle holder

Birch candle holder

I also once received a gift that was wrapped in birch wrapping paper (not surprisingly, from that very same friend). You know I wasn’t about to throw that wrapping paper out! I have it hung up behind my desk for me to admire daily. :)

Birch wrapping paper

Does anyone else love birch wood as much as I do? Let me know I’m not alone!

Birch log in grass

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  1. I love birch also. Before I moved I used to walk to a little gathering of 5 birches (I affectionately called “the five sisters”), never brought any of them back inside (which I now regret since I moved!). Lovely inspiration!!

  2. Be carful with the birch candleholder. I made this and when the candles burned down they started the log on fire

  3. I love this. Living in the city, I often feel so detached from nature. So during my last trip home to New Hampshire, I found a white birch branch and decided to bring it back to Brooklyn with me to use as a ring and bracelet holder.

  4. Hello ,

    I really really love birch ( you are not alone :-) ) and want to integrate a lot more of it in my flat.
    I already made this candleholder but only for tea candles so it won’t burn down.

  5. I just made our unity candle holder out of birch thanks to this giving me the idea. Our wedding theme was rustic & it fit perfectly into it! I also was inspired by your wood burning post to make our cake topper myself. It turned out phenomenal too! Keep the great DIY ideas coming!

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