Easy Beauty Trick: How To Brighten Your Eyes

The eyes, to me, are the most engaging part of the body. One look into someone’s eyes can convey more emotion than words can ever express. Bright eyes have the ability to capture someone’s attention in a fraction of a second – and today I’m sharing a quick, everyday trick for brightening yours up a touch.]

All you need is a light-hued shimmery or luminescent powder.

Shimmer Eye Shadows

Free People makeup artist Deanna Hagan recommends choosing a dry powder over one that’s moist – it will have less of a chance of getting stuck in your creases. Deanna recommends Kevyn Aucoin “The Loose Shimmer” Eyeshadow in Citrine or Kevin Aucoin “The Celestial” Powder in Candlelight.

Just dip your middle finger into the powder, dab into the inner corers of your eyes, and voila! Instant bright eyes.

eye brightening trick

If you have dark circles under your eyes, Deanna says it’s best to use a warmer color like gold instead of white or rose.

Beauty trick, bright eyes

A final word of advice: Shimmery is good, but stay away from sparkly. “It’s too obvious,” Deanna says — with a wink. ;)

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  1. Nora – the product in the first photo has been discontinued, but it’s by Kevyn Aucoin and is very similar to the two products listed in the post :)

  2. Hey Brigette! What camera do you use? The quality of your photos on the FP blog and your personal one is awesome – do you use the same camera for both? Thanks!

  3. Maria – For this blog we normally use a Canon 5D Mark II and for my personal blog I usually use a Canon 60D. For this post specifically, I actually used the 60D. Thanks for the compliment!!

  4. something about this post propelled me to buy the kevin aucoin Celestial Powder and do this beauty tip, and it could be my favorite thing ever! the powder is gorgeously shimmery — no jersey shore at all! and smudging some into the corners of my eyes seriously transforms my face. honestly the best beauty tip i’ve used in years! thanks, FP! XO

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